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  • Moved to 55 Maylands Rd, 1950, with two elder sisters, one older brother, one younger sister.
    Oxhey woods and a disused golf course on our doorstep,.it was paradise for a ten year old boy.
    Oxhey wood school then Clarendon, loved every day at both. Left to join the RAF May ‘58, those seven and a half years seemed like a lifetime and left an everlasting impression on me, happy days.

    By Michael Drage (10/03/2022)
  • Lots of the comments by Cheryl ring true and one of my best mates lived on Prestwick Road, Robin Witham and we had so many good memories of Football and going to school and after going to York where his motor broke down on the motorway and we just abandoned it as you could do in them days….

    By Keith gavin (31/05/2018)
  • My family moved firstly from London to Hendon and then to South Oxhey Estate, I was the youngest of three girls was born in 1949,  and had a younger brother.  Mum and dad said they wanted us to have a healthier life and so we moved into our 3 bedroom council home in Prestwick Rd South Oxhey in 1951? Growing up with the ‘Woods’ was just a part of life, we would pick bluebells by the armful, go cob nutting, play Tarzan in those same woods, went to Ruislip Lido, for those fortunate enough to have ponies we rode on the then disused golf club, we had a large green outside our home and spent many hours playing “Tin Tan Tommy”,  or queeny queeny whose got the ball, when the grass was cut we built ‘forts’ with the cut grass and played war games,  the local annual fair was so exiting 6d per ride many happy hours spent there!! They built the Grapevine pub just up the road. Many happy memories of the Coronation party that was put on in our street where the whole street contributed to it’s success!!,  Up the road was “Pretty Corner” with magnificent Rhododendrons, also a place called “The Wooden Bygons” I remember it sounded so mysterious to me lol!!  I remember too the scarry sound of drums coming up the street with the annual carnival. In the early days before the local shops were built a van used to come around with groceries, etc. I remember my grandmother and I shopping for goods on this van, it was always a treat. Also the local Braziers dairy delivering the milk and other items such as Maryland Cookies, etc.. Our local ‘Milkie” was named Ralph!! Also I rented for 10 shillings per week a field from Braziers Dairy for my pony, also took my pony to Braziers Dairy blacksmith to be shod…..Such innocent and happy days, remember the local bobby pushing his bike along the road…. I remember as a young teenager attending my fist dance at the local ‘shed”!! Opposite our house was the bus terminal for the 285 bus to Watford, I remember fares going from 1 penny to 1 1/2?  Mum would take us down to Baileys to buy our fireworks for Bonfire night. I loved to go shopping on Saturday mornings to Watford. There was also a great fish and chip shop down opposite Carpenders Park station.  I remember my younger brother and I going to the local post office to buy saving stamps with the pictures of Prince Charles and Princess Anne…and attending the local library that was soooo creeky especially when one was trying to tread quietly as in all libraries in those days!! I used to attend St Joseph’s Primary school and we were all facinated by the burnt out Cross and Blackwell property which I think was nearby? Can you believe we even used to go and walk among it’s burnt out ruins!!  So many memories of a young girl that thought that was all life was about..such innocence then.  Anyway just a small few of memories of growing up in South Oxhey…


    By Cheryl Goodall nee Witham (10/03/2016)
  • I lived in Oxhey Drive in 1948 went to Warrendell and Hampden

    Remember lots, still have my school reports from Head Master Mr Westerway.  My mum worked in The Maypole, Liptons & Sainsburys. Had my Tony curtis haircuts near Carpenders Park station. Dr Alex Scott was our Doctor. Bob Monkhouse opened “Giles” shop. Loved to visit Taylors Cafe. Loved those day’s… 


    By David Greenland (11/11/2015)
  • I moved to Carpenders Park with my parents and my twin brothers in 1947/1948 we were the first family to move into Caldwell Road.I went to Warren Dell school when we moved there, my best friend at school was Jean Muir, my name was Jean Simms.

    By Jean hendy (30/01/2014)
  • My family and I moved to Oxhey in 1949, we lived in Hayling Road then moved to Holmside Rise. there was no school so at the age of 4 yrs I was bused to Beechen Grove in Watford, then going on to Warrendell after it was built. My younger sister attended Little Furze. The Jet pub had not been built but we saw that built. I moved to Kent 1 sister moved to Northampton and the other to London. My parents moved to Watford where my mother was a warden of the almshouses in the church until they moved to was great to discover this book. Jill

    By jill chappell (09/01/2014)
  • I lived in Penrose Avenue from 1969 to 1988. Went to St Meryl JMI and loved every minute of it. I used to see Nooky Bear in “Spar” on a weekend with a bloke called “Roger”! My claim to fame is I lived opposite the DJ “LTJ Bukem” and sold him his first record deck! Unless you are big on the Drum and Bass music scene, this may not mean much! Most of my friends still live on Carpenders Park but I now live near Bridego Bridge/Sears Crossing….famous as the Great Train Robbery of 1963.

    By Paul Millbank (18/12/2012)
  • I used to live on Little Oxhey Lane – the Carpenders Park side over the railway bridge. I went to Woodhall Primary School in the early 50’s. I remember a teacher – Mr. Clark – very well. We left for Canada in 1957.

    By Julie Dowdle (14/06/2012)
  • I remember the old library in Little Oxhey Lane. It was built 1862, The building was white and the inside was wood and it smelt old.

    By Terry (09/03/2012)
  • I lived in Little Oxhey Lane for nearly twenty years, just 2 doors away from what was then the local library and my children used to go to Hampden School

    By reg (17/02/2012)
  • I lived in South Oxhey with my parents on Little Oxhey Lane until 1963, they left 1971. I went to Hampden School. I now live in Australia. Lovely to see photos.

    By corinne arnold (05/02/2012)