Local Football Teams from the 1960's

Photographs Courtesy of Ron Voss

Prestwick FC

Prestwick FC played Swillet FC in the Cup Final of the Challenge Cup in the early 60’s. The game was played at  Watford Football Club and Prestwick FC won. 2-1.

Oxhey Estate United

Oxhey Estate United won this cup in the 1968 / 69 season.


Prestwick FC - Mid 60's - Back Row - Left to Right = Bobby Dear - Peter Watt - ? - Colin Boote - Tom Bright - John Benning Front Row = Brian Reid - Jimmy Pitt - Charlie Connors - Ron Voss - Alan Patterson
Prestwick FC - Cup FInal - Challenge Cup- Back Row - Left to Right = Alan Patterson - Brian Reid - Colin Boote - Charlie Connors - Tom Bright - Ron Voss - John Benning. Front Row = Jimmy Pitt - ? - Bobby Dear - Peter Watt
Oxhey Estate United 1968/69 - Left to Right Mick Fuller - Mick Deveraux - Tony Rogers Ron Voss - Ron Howard - Frank O'Leary - Tony Evident - Eddie Dempsey - Kenny Littleboy - Ray Cole - Eddie Clements - Pete Nelhams
Oxhey Estate United 1968/69 - Back Row = Eddie Dempsey - Kenny Littleboy - Mick Deveraux - John Benning - Ron Voss - Tony Evident - Front Row - Steve Purvis - Ray Cole - Peter Nelhams - Terry Rogers - Eddie Clements
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  • Our dad, Peter watt, sadly passed away 2012 but lovely for our family to see these amazing photos 🙏🌈 thank you, the Watt family xx

    By Ann barling (04/11/2020)
  • Our dad Peter Watt ❤️

    By Ann barling (30/10/2020)
  • To Bob Dear

    I dare say we are of a different era but similar paths were taken. I grew up in Carpenders Park went to school in Bushey my dad started a club in St Meryl circa 1970-71 Oxhey Jets were formed in 72. Anyway, I left for the States moved to Adelaide 2009 – small world. Our primary school did the double in same year as Arsenal. Regards Steven

    By Steven Basford (02/08/2020)
  • My name is Bob Dear. I lived in Hayling Road and Buxton Path from 1950 till 1961. I can help you with some details of the Prestwick FC photos. In the first photo I am far left on the back row next to Peter Watt. In the Cup Final photo I’m in the front row, third from the left, again next to Peter Watt. In those days I was known as Bobby Dear.
    The photos are earlier than you say. I left the Navy in 1958 and joined Rickmansworth FC. In 1959 I transferred to Prestwick FC. In 1961 I migrated to Australia. So I think this cup final was probably in 1959 or 1960.
    I can remember all of the faces but none of the names that aren’t listed. A few of us in the team came up through Carpenders Park BL Juniors, managed by Alan Patterson’s father. The guy next to Peter Watt in the first photo was our centre half. He was a few years older than most of us. I was also a defender and he organised us beautifully in passing the ball around at the back until we found a way forward. No kick and rush as was pretty normal back then. Peter Watt was a fine header of the ball and Colin Boote was a very promising young keeper. As far as I remember, Jimmy Pitt was a policeman and was sometimes dropped off at our games or training by a police car. Charlie Connors was always classy and stylish. Several were printers in the local industry. All great blokes and thanks to Ron Voss for posting the photos.
    My best wishes to all that are still around.
    Bob Dear

    By Bob Dear (04/02/2019)