Memories of Leven Close, Woodhall and Hampden

I moved in to 12 Leven Close at about 18 months with my quite large family. They all left over the years and I followed my parents to Abbots Langley when I was perhaps 17.

In the interim I was a student at Beecham Grove, Woodhall and Hampden.

The Bluebells in Oxhey Woods were superb as were the many ponds in the area, which led me into a career in biology – well for a time…

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  • We lived next door to the Suttons, I used to play with Shanette, my dad loved photography and I am sure I have a picture of Steven somewhere.
    We lived at no.5 from 1956 until 1960 mum Pat, dad Ken three sisters Frances, Linda, me Jenny and baby sister Mandy. We moved to Ireland where we are now. Good memories of Woodhall Junior school where I started school, Oxhey woods where we played, friends Linda Dibsdale whose hair I cut playing hairdressers! Happy days.

    By JENNY VAUGHAN (26/02/2024)
  • I am afraid we were not amongst the neighbours that offered support. I watched in awe from my bedroom window as events unfolded. I should have been preparing for something at school at the time but was distracted by the commotion. It was very dramatic. I would have been a teenager at the time so would have been more familiar with one of your elder sisters.

    By Peter Jennings (25/10/2023)
  • Hi we lived in the house that caught fire in Leven close , Mr Mrs Sutton fred Betty patsy Steven And shanette .
    The house was completely gutted and as I remember the neighbors looked after me and my brother Steven . I was 5 at the time of the fire ! I was thrown out of my bedroom window by my elder brother and the firman caught me in a blanket .
    We was rehoused in fulford grove .
    Shanette Sutton .

    By Shanette biggins (15/08/2023)
  • Yes- I know the school was called Highfield though my mother tended to refer to it as Hampden which I think it became. We used to go there at this time of year as children (1952? 53?)and sing carols in a big brown hall with a gallery running round the upper story. There may have been a play, too, but I’m not sure if the two things happened at the same time. My parents were married and we were all christened in the chapel there or nearby.

    By Tina Bicat (19/12/2022)
  • Highfield was a private girls school in Oxhey lane – long since demolished. The school moved out to Hampden house, Bucks in 1939 with the Robley Brownes where it remained until closure in the 1950’s

    By Neil Hamilton (19/12/2022)
  • Yes- I remember her well- she was my younger brother’s Godmother and very important to, and beloved by, my mother, Packly Tchmoeff who went to her school I think beween the years 1933 to 38 or 9 but that may not be quite right. Packly, emigrĂ© child of the Russian Revolution, arrived there from Paris to be turned into an English Lady (!) and the education and the care and particularly the music, drama and arts that was so much a base for RB’s educational system was a lifeline to her. I suspect that RB was very generous about school fees.

    By Tina Bicat (11/12/2022)
  • Tina, does this post relate to Highfield school? Ive recently been in touch with a relative of RB…..Neil

    By Neil Hamilton (18/12/2022)
  • Do you recall the headmistress at Hampden, Mildred Robley-Browne? Thanks

    Jack Tannett

    By Jack Tannett (08/07/2021)
  • I recall she was the head at Highfield Girls school in Carpenders Park until the school moved to Hampden House in 1939

    By Neil Hamilton (10/07/2021)