Memories of Michael Young

I was looking for info on Hampden school shocked to find it closed .I was at the beginning . Big change after no
School to part time ,two days a week bussed to prefab school next to the brewery Benskin . Parttime schooling
At new school,then finally Hampden with its tin sculpture of a horse on the front
Like other stories we arrived from Holloway to Carpenders Park, Woodhall  Lane. Early days spent as others have stated playing  on building sites. Woodhall Lane  ran along the railway enbankment train spotting was a past time ase every engine had a number you could buy a book to checkout info on all engines . Express trains could collect
Water from a trough between the rails. Teachers Mr Downs was gym sports  Boys. Miss Buckingham was gym sports
Girls. I was a prefect and school captain . Great memories Michael Young now 82 still think of those days, thanks.

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  • Michael, I remember you and your sister Maureen.

    By Valerie Jackson (17/08/2022)