Shops in the Fifties and Sixties

Hey try this.. Just google then search for oxhey, There are pics of all the shops as I remember them in the fifties and sixties. Nice cars too. My dad’s first car was a Ford Prefect 100e. Quite posh at the time. Well it was for our street….. Oakdale Road.

Robert  Willis

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  • Hi just a quickie ref the photo of the doctor’s, Chalk Hill was never in Carpenders Park , it was just round the corner from Bushey and Oxhey railway station, miles away from The St Meryl Estate. My doctor was there too, but for the life of he I can’t remember his name.

    By Jo Butcher (15/05/2021)
  • Really great photographs from 1963, lots of memories.

    By Susan Waller (09/11/2018)