A Family Easter.

Monday April 9th - Sunday April 15th 1900

Monday April 9th 

Fine all day, but rained a little in the evening.  Got home at 9.30 found Rob and Tilly with Mother, they stayed until half past ten which made us late getting to bed.  Flo came down for a little while.  Arthur Knowles has gone into the Victoria Hospital for consumption.  I hope they will be able to do him good.

Tuesday April 10th 

Another fine day much warmer, a real spring day.  Home at 9.30 had supper and then to bed.  Mother had been up at Flo’s all day.

Wednesday April 11th 

Fine all day but came on wet in the evening.  Did not get home till 9.30.  I had hoped to get home sooner but could not manage it.

Thursday April 12th 

Another fine day, threatened to rain tonight and the wind is very high.  Maggie and I went in the park in the dinner hour, it was very pleasant out there.  Left off at five tonight but did not get home until 6.30 as the trains are all late.  After I had my tea  I did a bit of gardening until it got too dark to see.  Then Mother and I went to Lill’s.  Found Emmie and Jack there, they had come to spend the Easter holiday with them.

Good Friday April 13th 

It has been a beautifl bright day but very windy and clouds of dust blowing about.  I got up at about 8.30 and had my breakfast and then went out gardening.  I was at it untildinner time.  After dinner I laid on the sofa for about three quarters of an hour.  Felt so tired.  Just before three Rob and lily came up.  Rob put up the line post for us and did a bit of digging.  After they had gone I washed and dressed myself then had tea.  Afterward Mother, Bert and Lily and I went for a walk round Hampermill Lane to Flo’s.  Found both of them very busy trying to get things straight.  Elsie had been expecting me all day.  We started out at six and got home about 9.30.  Mother and Lily came from Queens St in the bus.  It is a lovely moonlight night.

Saturday April 14th 

Another beautiful spring day.  I got home at 2.30.  I expected to meet Laurie at Chalk Farm, but did not as she was not able to get away so early.  She got down at 4.30 she is going to stay till Tuesday. Aunt Clara’s Bert came down by the same train as I did but I did not see hime till I got home.  He is going to stay with us till Monday night.  As Laurie did not come after I had had my dinner I took Bert for a long walk into Oxhey Woods, he enjoyed it very much indeed.  This is his first visit to Bushey.  Laurie had arrived when we got back, we had our tea then we went visiting all round.  Cousin Eunice and Jack and Johnnie are staying at Lil’s so Eunice, Laurie and I went for a walk up Watford.  Flo and Charlie are going to stay from tonight till Monday evening at Fred’s.

Easter Sunday April 15th 

Another beautiful day.  There was quite a family gathering at Chapel.  16 members of our family were there.  The two Berts took Laurie for a walk this afternoon, then Cousin Bert went down to tea with the other Bert.  Laurie sang a solo at the Chapel both morning and evening.  Flo sat in the choir tonight.  After Chapel all except Lil’s lot came to our place and we had a sing.


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