Easter - 1900

Monday, April 16th - Sunday, April 22nd -1900

Easter Monday April 16th

A regular April day, very heavy showers and then beautiful bright sunshine.  I did an hour or two gardening this morning.  Rob took Bert and Laurie and Lily for a walk this morning, then we had an early dinner.   After dinner Mother, Cousin Bert and Laurie, Mary, Flo and their 2 all went up to Cassiobury and we had some rare fun in spite of the heavy showers.  Got home about 5.30 p.m. and had our tea and a rest, then Laurie, Lily and I went home with Flo.  We stayed and had a bit of supper, got home about 10.30.  Charlie come down as far as the entrance to Watford Fields.  Cousin Bert went home by the 8.34 train, he seems to have enjoyed himself very much indeed.

Tuesday april 17th

The weather has been very unsettled today.  Laurie went home by the 11.34 train.  She said she felt all the better for the change.  Got home by six o’clock, had my tea and then was gardening till a quarter to eight, then went to C.E. Afterwards went down to Lil’s for Mother and to say goodbye to Emmie and Jack, they are going home tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday April 18th

A most lovely day.  Did not get down till 6.20. As I was coming out of the station met Jack and Emmie and Johnnie just going home, so went back with them to see them off.  Will and the two boys were with them.  Went to the week night service and stayed to choir practice.

Thursday april 19th

Another fine day though not so bright as yesterday, but very warm.  I had a letter from Laurie this morning saying they had had a telegram from Africa, just Laurie to go and she thinks of going Saturday week.  I hope nothing is wrong  with Nell.

Instead of coming straight home this evening I got out at Kensal Rise and went to see Mrs Bob Brown,nee Louie Smith, she was very pleased to see me.  I spent the evening with them and got home at 9.20.  Mother had been down at Lil’s all day.  The housekeeper at 4 Gloucester Road began the dinner today.  It was quite a treat to get a hot dinner in the middle of the day.

Friday April 20th

Another lovely day.  I stayed on a bit this evening got home at 8.30. Maggie Gosling began her holiday today, she and her Mother have gone to Morecambe, they have had a lovely day to begin with.

Saturday april 21st

Another glorious day not enough to put off winter things.I got home at 2.30, had dinner then a little rest then did a little work I had brought home then did a little gardening.  After tea Mother and I took the bus to Queen Street then walked to Flo’s.  Fred and Mary are going to spend the week-end there, found some of them just going out shopping and going to bring Lily home.  She has been spending a few days there so we all came down through the Market together.  Mother bought a few plants to go in the flower garden.  I hurried home to put them in before it was dark then went down to the prayer meeting.

Sunday April 22nd

Another lovely day able to do without a jacket .  Rob has been away all day preaching at Harefield.  Mother and I went to tea at Mrs Henry Nash’s spend a very pleasant time with them.  After Chapel went down to Lil’s for a little while then came home and had a tune on the piano.










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