Says goodbye to Laurie who is off to Africa

Monday April 23rd - Monday April 30th 1900

Monday 23rd April

Another bright sunshiny day.  I went to Highbury after 5 tonight to wish Laurie good bye.  She is off to Africa on Saturday, as she has had a cable asking her to go as Greg has got typhoid fever and Nellie is not in a fit state to nurse him, so they all felt Laurie must go.  Dick is going down to see her off from Southampton.  It is a rare upset for them all and Uncle Alf seems very much depressed about it.  I stayed all night so as to have a little longer time with Laurie.  Mother slept down at Lil’s.  They have let the shop, received the final answer today so will soon be moving.

Tuesday 24th April

Another nice day, much cooler.  Got home at 6.30, went to C.E. at 8 o’clock.  Afterward went down to Lil’s to call for Mother.

Wednesday 25th April

A wet morning but cleared up later on in the day, very cold.  Home at 6.30, had my tea, then did some gardening till nearly 8, then went down to week night service.  Did a little bit of work I had brought home afterwards.

Thursday 26th April

Another fine day but still rather cold.  After I had had tea I was in the garden till dark then went down to Lil’s with Mother, after I got back did some work I had brought home.

Friday 27th April

Dull and cold most of the day snatches of bright in between.  Eva Fawcett and I had our tea at the office and then went to Exeter Hall to the young people’s Missionary Meeting.  It was a grand meeting, such a gathering of young people.  Mr Belsley of the Sunday S Union took the Chair and Mr H Thompson of Deli and Dr Glover of Bristol and Mr Stapleton of the Congo were the speakers.  We got home at 10.30.  We came home in the same compartment as Mrs Bailey and Miss Putnam.

Saturday 28th April

A nice bright sunshiny day but cold in the shade.  Got home at 2.30 had my dinner then did some gardening and sawed some logs.  Had tea then went up Watford with Mother Lil and the three youngsters.  Lil bought the two boys a new suit each.  I bought a white sailor hat and a pair of kid gloves.  Got back in time to go to the prayer meeting.

Sunday 29th April

Fine but rather cold.  Had a quiet Sunday at home.  Did not have anyone to tea and did not go out anywhere.  After Chapel tonight Lily and I walked up to Flo’s.  Did not stay long as I did not want to be late home.

Monday 30th April

Rather dull morning but cleared up fine afterwards.  Home at six.  Went down to Lil’s and then to choir practice.

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  • Eva (Marion) Fawcett mentioned on 27th Aprils entry lived with her parents and family at 47 Pinner Road in 1901. She was a 19yr old railway clerk. Her father Thomas, aged 44 had the same job. Thomas White next door 1t no 45 was a railway pensioner – I wonder if the houses were owned by the railway company. By 1911 the Fawcetts had moved to 20, Cross Road. Both her and her father still worked for the railway. In 1891, the family lived at 70, Upper Paddock Road – Thomas only working on the railway.

    By Neil Hamilton (22/04/2013)