Such a lot of fruit trees

Sunday 1st April - Sunday 8th April 1900

Sunday April 1st

Another lovely bright day. Spent it very quietly and peacefully. We had tea at home all to our two selves. After tea Lilly came up and she and I went for a walk. Communion Sunday. After Chapel I came straight home. I had a little tune the day passed all too quick.

Monday April 2nd

A fine day. Maggie G and I went into the Park in the dinner hour (this sentence had been crossed through). I came home by the 9 past 5 train, brought a little work home with me. Mother and I went to a concert at the Corn Exchange in aid of Mr Gosling’s Homes for aged women. We went up by the 7.30 bus and walked home. It was a very good concert and a good number there. We did not get home till eleven o’clock.

Tuesday April 3rd

A dull morning but cleared up fine afterwards, then came on soaking wet. Did not get home till 6.30.

Went to the Endeavour meeting, not many present, no doubt the weather prevented some from coming, but we had a very helpful meeting. Subject ‘always ready’. A nice bright day. Mother had gone over to St Albans to help Flo get ready for Friday.

Wednesday April 4th

I am going to sleep at Fred’s while mother is away. I brought some work home with me, after I had tea I did some. At 8.30 I went to choir practice, then finished the work when I got home. Charlie is sleeping at Fred’s for a night or two.

Thursday April 5th

Wet all day. Home at 6.30, had my tea then went down to Lil’s for a bit. Charlie went home by the 9.10 train. He has got the day off tomorrow for the moving also Saturday.

Friday April 6th

Fine and bright all day long. Maggie Gosling and I had quite a long walk in the park in the dinner hour. I did not get home until 9.20 tonight. I went to Fred’s and stayed there until Mother came about half past nine, tired out with the moving. We came home and got to bed as soon as we could.

Saturday April 7th

Another fine day except for a one ot two April showers. Did not get home till 6.30. After I had tea caught the half past Seven bus up as far as Watford Church to go to see Flo. I got there about 8 o’clock, had a look round the house then went with her to do a little shopping. Then went back with her for a little while did not get home till about 10.30. Felt very tired. Am glad tomorrow is a rest day.

Sunday April 8th

Very dull and cold today. Threatened to rain or snow, cleared up about 6 o’clock. I did not get up very early. Went to tea at Mr John Wilson’s Cromwell House they have got such a lovely garden, such a lot of fruit trees. Mother went to Rob’s to tea. Dorrie came to s[unday] school with the two boys this afternoon, she was such a good little mite.

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  • In relation to the visit on Sunday April 8th to John Wilson -according to the 1891 census John Wilson lived at Cromwell House in Bushey Heath with his family. He was a solicitors clerk and Deputy Superintendent Registrar. He was born in 1864. He lived with his wife Emma and five children. In 1911 he still lived at Cromwell House and was now the Clerk to Bushey Rural District Council.

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