Edith and Maggie Gosling look at the Christmas shops

Monday December 17th - Sunday December 23rd 1900

Monday December 17th

Another fine day still keeps very mild.  Maggie Gosling and I went and had a look at the Shops.  We left the Office at 5 o’clock and were walking until nearly half-past eight.  We caught the 8-35 train at Euston.

We first took the tram to the Naggs Head and went along Seven Sisters Road.  Went in Crisp’s Bazaar then back to Jones’s, took the tram to Highbury Station and walked along Upper Islington as far as the Angel then took a bus to Euston.  We were quite tired.  I bought one or two things for Christmas.

Tuesday December 18th

A pretty fair day not as bright as yesterday.  Got home at 6 o’clock had my tea then went on with some things I am making for Christmas presents.  At 8 o’clock went to C.E. consecration meeting tonight a very nice meeting, the last of the year.  Many gave their testimony to God’s keeping power.

Wednesday December 19th

A nice bright day.  Home at 10 to 6.  Had tea then did some needlework.  At 7-30 went to week night service.  Afterwards went up Watford to meet Mother she had gone to Flo’s.  When we got home wrote for some I.B.R.A. cards.

Had a letter today from Mrs Robert’s at Llanberis whose cottage we went into to dry ourselves when we went up Snowdon.  They sent us each a Christmas Card.  It was a very nice letter.

Thursday December 20th

A very rough windy rainy day.  I went to do a little shopping in Chalk Farm Road and the trains were all so late that I did not get home till 7-30.  Had some tea and then went to Choir practise.  After I got home I wrote a letter to Cousin Amy. 

Friday December 21st

Fine and dry a little foggy on the evening.  Got home at 6 o’clock.  Wrote two or three letters after I had my tea, then went to Pentecostal League meeting.

Saturday December 22nd

Fine but very foggy in the evening.  I got home at 2 o’clock had dinner then sat by the fire and did a bit of needlework for Mother till it was dark then had an early cup of tea and went to Flo’s.  Mother helped her get a duck ready for cooking that Will had given them.  Then went to Lill’s.  Emmie and Jack and Johnnie have arrived to spend Christmas with them.  It was nearly 10 o’clock when we got home as we did a little shopping on our way home.

Sunday December 23rd

A thick fog all day.  It did not lift all day but nice and dry under foot.  Mother and I went to dinner at Flo’s.  I bought Elsie down to School with me and we went to Tilly’s to tea.  Flo came down to Chapel with Mother in the evening and I took Elsie back with her.  Lill and Emmie and Harold and Dorrie came to Chapel.  I did not stay to the prayer meeting as I have such a bad cold.

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