The Watch Night Service

Monday December 24th to Monday December 31st

Monday December 24th

Still foggy all day but not quite as thick as yesterday. We had leave to come away at 4.30. We caught the 4.40 train which was a bit late but I was indoors about twenty to six. Had tea sat over it some time. Went out and posted some letters then wrote the words of a song. Flo called in also Fred and Mary. I called in their place when I went to the post. It seems nice to think I have not got to go to business for the next two days. Fred has had a holiday today.

Tuesday December 25th Christmas Day

A very dull dreary day as regards weather, raining hard most of the day. But we spent a very happy day. I went to the service in the morning then went to Fred’s for dinner. There were 17 of us there. Flo and co, Rob and co, Mr and Miss Balchin and Alice Cook. We did not get home till about 1/4 to two.

Wednesday December 26th

A bit dull first thing but afterwards cleared up a most lovely day, like a Spring day. I did not get up very early. Went down as far as the Chapel about twelve to see Miss Capern married. Then went into Rob’s to dinner. Just after we got indoors uncle Alf came in, he stayed till half past six. After dinner Rob and Lily and I took him up to Lil’s. Lil and Emmie and all the youngsters came down to Bushey for a walk. Fred and Mary and Flo and Charlie and the youngsters came to Rob’s to tea and Bert had got his mate Ralph Lovesey there so there was quite a large party there. We stayed till about eleven o’clock.

Thursday December 27th

Not quite as fine as yesterday. Work did not go down very well today. I got home at 6 o’clock had my tea then wrote a letter to Wales and did a little work I had brought home. About 7 o’clock went down to help amuse the youngsters at the Band of Hope Social.

Friday December 28th

Another dreary wet day. I did not get home till seven and then brought work home with me. I did not go out again after I got home. The wind got up high and blowed hard all night.

Saturday December 29th

A very nice day much colder. I stayed on till 3 o’clock then went to Highbury. Charlie and Lottie and their youngsters were there to tea, so there was quite a party of us. Uncle Dick and Laurie came to the station with me. I got home at 9.30. Laurie showed me the things she had brought from Africa.

Sunday December 30th

A regular soaking wet day, did not cease raining all day long. Rob and Tilly and Bert and Lily came to dinner and tea. Mr Staples preached in the evening as Mr Spufford’s hand was bad, he has poisoned it in some way. There was been to have been a baptising, but it was put off.

Monday December 31st

We have got to the last day of another year. We have much to be thankful for that we have been spared in health and strength to the close of it. There have been ups and downs cloud and sunshine but we have been helped thro it all. We finished up the year by giving tea to all the children in our class at Sunday School, Tilly and I sharing the expense. There were about 50 there altogether. We had tea at 5 o’clock I managed to get home at 4.30. After tea we had games and bon-bons and sweets. They went home at 8 o’clock, I think they all enjoyed themselves. Mother and Tilly and Mary got it ready, we had it in the Schoolroom. We came home for a little while, then at eleven o’clock I went to the Watch Night Service and there saw the Old Year out and the New Year and the new century in. May it be a year of blessing to us all.




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