Band of Hope's Annual Meeting

Monday 19th February - Sunday 25th February 1900

Monday February 19th

Raining and the wind blowing very hard all the morning, cleared off a little after dinner.  I went down as far as Lil’s, stayed there a little while then caught the bus and went as far as Mrs Bailey’s, got there just after 3, stayed till about quarter to seven.  Mrs B walked back with me, we called in Lil’s on the way.  Mary came and had a cup of tea with Mother.  Mr Spufford also called in.  I had intended going to the Office today, but the weather was so bad.

We had a letter from Flo this morning.  Elsie expected to see me over there on Saturday, was very disappointed I did not go.  They all seem pretty well and Flo writes in pretty good spirits.

Tuesday February 20th

Fine first part of the morning, heavy showers afterwards. 

I meant to have gone to business this morning, but did not feel very grand and then about 9 o’clock Mother came over so very faint and bad, so I thought I would go by the 12.34.  But when I had got my things on the rain came on so fast I could not go, so I did a bit of machining to some coats Mother is making for Willie and Harold.

Mrs S Nash called in for a few minutes and while we were having a early cup of tea Mrs Bailey called.  She waited while I finished my tea then I walked up as far as her house with her and called in at Lil’s and then home.  Fred and Mary and Lily and Tilly came in this evening and stayed for about an hour.

Wednesday February 21st

A nice fine bright day, sharp frost.  I have been to the Office today.  Went by my usual train, came home by the 3.40, felt rather shakey.  Flo and the two children came over today, they all seem very well.  Lily and I went to the station to see them off by the twenty past seven train.

Fred and Mary came in for a little while this evening.  Mother seems quite brightened up today, looks better than she has looked since before she was taken ill.

Thursday February 22nd

Rain fell during the night, the ground was very wet this morning, but cleared up pretty soon.

It was a very nice day much milder than yesterday.  I have been to business again today, Miss Lewington let me come home again at half past three and put Miss King on to help me a bit.

Had my tea, then began to write a letter to Amy, then went down as far as Lil’s and coming back went into the Band of Hope for a little while.  It is the Annual Meeting, very few present, it seems very hard matter to get people to a temperance meeting.  I had a letter from Laurie this evening.

Friday February 23rd

Very dull all day, rained on and off, still very mild.  I did not get home until six tonight.

Had my tea then wrote a letter to Laurie and finished one to Amy.  It is her birthday tomorrow.  Then went out and posted them I went down to Lil’s for one or two things we wanted.

Fred and Mary were at home when I go back.

Saturday February 24th

Dull and close all the morning then the sun came out in the middle of the day seemed clearing up for a nice afternoon.  I went over to St Albans took Lily with me.  It was raining when we got to St Albans.  We stayed up for a bit and it left off.  Then as soon as we started it came on again.  It rained hard until we got into Flo’s.  I had to take off my skirt and boots and dry my jacket.

Charlie was taking Elsie and baby’s photos with a camera he had been making.  Elsie came out all right but he spoilt the other partly. 

We came home by the 5 past nine train, the rain had cleared off by that time.

Sunday February 25th

Another dull mild day, in fact it seems quite warm.  I went to Chapel morning and evening and school this afternoon.  We had a nice prayer meeting after the service tonight.  Oh that all Christians would feel what a privilege and pleasure it is to stay to the prayer meeting.  Lily stayed with Mother this evening.  Tilly came up with me to fetch her and Miss Ashby, housemaid at the Manor House, Bushey, came up with us.  Then Rob and Fred and Mary came in so there was quite a party of us.



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