Missing The Train

Monday 26th February - Wednesday 28th February 1900

Young Edith
Virginia Barber

Monday February 26th

A wet morning but cleared up a nice fine afternoon, very mild. George Forfeitt came and took Mother for a nice drive which she enjoyed very much. I had a letter from Amy and Aunt Clara today. Amy seems to be getting on all right and they seem to like her. Aunt Clara seems very poorly. I and five others missed the 5.20pm home greatly to our annoyance so did not get home until 6.30pm. After I had my tea I went to Watford as far as the G.P.O and put £1.00 in the bank. I have not managed to put any away for over twelve months. I found Lil and Fred with Mother when I got home talking about the War.

Tuesday February 27th

A soaking wet day, hardly ceased all day long. I came home on the 5.20pm train. Went down to Lil’s for something needed, then to C.E meeting. Topic “Strength of Humility”. I had a short note from Laurie with a programme of a sacred concert she is going to sing at tomorrow. She thought I might like to go but I could not manage it.

Wednesday February 28th

Not quite so wet as yesterday, but very dull and much colder. Got home at 6 o’clock. I did not as they were moving all our sheets and things round to the new offices at 4, Gloucester Road. It made quite a commotion in the office from about 4 o’clock. I went down to Lil’s when I had my tea with the new Norfolk jackets Mother has been making for the two boys, they were pleased with them. Will had taken the two boys to pass the Dr for joining the juvenile Oddfellows club, he passed them both.

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