Snow on the ground and Edith is very poorly.

Thursday February 1st - Sunday February 4th 1900

Diary cover

Thursday February 1st

Pretty fine all day,came on to rain on the evening.  Mother does not seem to get on much.  I have felt rather queer today seem to have a very bad cold coming.  Mary still away her father lingers on.

Friday 2nd February

Fine morning but very cold, came on to snow this afternoon and seems likely to keep on all night. I have been very poorly today hardly knew how to get through my work, some of the girls tried to persuade me to go home again but I managed to stay until 5 o’ clock. I had my tea then went up to the Dr’s for Mother’s medicine. I managed to catch the bus for which I was very thankful, as it was a dreadful rough night the snow laying quite deep. I lit a fire upstairs and went to bed early. Fred had a letter from Mary to say her Father had died at 10 o’clock night before. The funeral is to be on Monday so Mary will not be coming home until Tuesday.

Saturday February 3rd

It must have snowed all night for everything is covered very thick this morning. Mr Flothen who lives next door but one kindly cleared the snow away from the front and back. I did not go to business this morning I think I must have got a touch of influenza as it seems worse than a ordinary cold. As I was at home Mother stopped in bed and I sat in the easy chair by the fire as much as I could.

Sunday February 4th

Snow still laying thick, but it has cleared up overhead a bit.It has not seemed like Sunday to me today.I did not get up till late,I still feel very poorly. If Mother had been well I should have stayed in bed all day.  Mother has kept to her bed again today, I think she is a trifle better.

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