Excitement in the office and illness at home.

Monday January 29th - Wednesday 31st January 1900

Edith Morgan as a young woman

Monday January 29th

Wet and windy nearly all day. Mother seems a little better I left her in bed.

There was quite an excitement in the office today caused by the news that Miss Lily Grosvenor had eloped.She had been and got married without any of her people knowing. She was married at a Catholic Church yesterday morning. Miss Bulmer and Miss H Robinson went to see her married. None of the others knew a thing about it. There is still rather bad news from Africa.  General Buller has had to retreat. It seems rather a hard matter to get the better of the Boers. We expect Fred back if not Mary.

Tuesday January 30th

A miserable day as regards weather, a bitter cold wind and raining on and off. Mother seems a little better but is still very queer her cough was very fidgety in the night. After I had my tea went up to Dr Burnett’s he sent a bottle of medicine to ease the cough and is going to call and see her tomorrow. Fred came home at quarter to eleven last night but he left Mary behind as her Father is still very bad. Lil came in for a little while this evening she has got a bad cold and is not at all well. The children are better. Still bad news from Africa, such a lot of our soldiers have got killed or died from fever. They keep sending more out. 

Wednesday January 31st

A little finer today. Dr came to see Mother today, says she has got Bronchial Catarrh and ought to be in bed, she will have to take great care and not get in any draughts. Tilly has been up and down as much as she could so that Mother should not go outside. The Church Social was held tonight and Mr Spufford called in today and asked mother if I would sing. I went down for about an hour. I had to go up to the Dr’s first and get Mother’s medicine. Lily came with me. I sang one piece and came home.



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