The Beginning of a New Century

Monday January 1st - Sunday January 7th 1900

Edith Morgan as a young woman

Monday January 1st

I began the New year sitting in the Choir at the Chapel at the Watchnight Service, as I have been many years past. With many desires that it may be the best year I have ever spent.

The weather on the first day of the New Year has been very dark and foggy. Had to have the gas nearly all day. We are going to move this week, mother and I have taken a little house ourselves, so that after my tea, was helping mother carry some things to the other house.

Tuesday January 2nd

Another dull day, home at six. Went to CE and not many present. after the meeting helped mother carry some more things to the other House.

Wednesday January 3rd

Dull all day. came on wet in the evening. Laurie met me at Euston at 5 o’clock and brought a dress she had been making for me, she brought Ella with her. I caught the 5.20 after a hurried tea, put on the new dress. I caught the 7.20 train to Watford. Maggie Gosling had invited me to a social in connection with the Clump Missionary Society at Callow Land Baptist Chapel. Spent a pleasant evening, a good number present, caught the 10.45 home again. Slept for the first time at our new home, 113 Villiers Road.

Thursday January 4th

After I had my tea helped bring the last lot of things from the other house. Fred was there for two of three hours putting up the blinds and cornice poles.

Friday January 5th

We are beginning to get a little bit straight busy all the evening putting up curtains etc.

Saturday January 6th

Weather fine but rather dull, stayed on at the office till nearly 4 o’clock, then went to Highbury to fetch a hat that Laurie had been making for me to match my new dress. Only stayed a short time. got home at 6 o’clock went to prayer meeting, not many there, afterwards called in at Lill’s and then went to Fred’s.

Sunday January 7th

Very wet morning, cleared up at dinner time. Spent a very quiet day. Stayed to communion, then walked up with Mrs Bailey to her house to make enquiries about Amy going to Mrs Beal’s.



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