Walked with Tilly to bring up soup

Monday January 8th - Sunday January 14th 1900

Edith Morgan's family

Monday January 8th

Not much to note today as I have been staying on tonight. Home at 9.30. Supper and chat and then to bed. This begins the week of prayer, shall not be able to go to many of the meetings.

Tuesday January 9th

Not able to have the C.E tonight as the united prayer meeting is at our Chapel tonight. Mr Harvey Roe gave the address. Mother went and Fred and Mary walked home with her. Tilly came up as well so I found them there when I got home at 9.30pm. I walked back with Tilly to bring up some soup she had made for my supper.

Wednesday January 10th

Stayed on again tonight, hope this is the last late night. Weather nice and fine today.

Thursday January 11th

Dull weather today but no rain, although it threatened. Home at 6 o’clock, very busy after tea putting the parlour carpet down and the safe up. Went to Band of Hope committee at 8.30pm.

Friday January 12th

Weather about the same as yesterday. Home at six. Mother and I went to prayer meeting at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Queens Road, Watford. Called in at Lill’s and Fred’s on our way home. Had a letter from Flo this evening saying she was very poorly, asking if Mother could come over for a few days. Amy is going tomorrow morning till Monday night for a farewell visit.

Saturday January 13th

Very nice bright day sun shining brightly, got home at 2.30pm. After dinner busy putting up pictures and several other things then had tea then busy again till 8 o’clock. Then went to prayer meeting and afterwards down to Lill’s and found mother and Fred and Mary there. All came up together, went into their place for a minute or two, then home to supper and bed.

Sunday January 14th

A nice bright day. Had to mend the harmonium before we could commence school this afternoon. G Read played for me. Lil and Will and the children came to tea. I went to Mrs Bailey. Amy went to St Albans yesterday morning to stay until tomorrow for a farewell visit.

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