King of Italy Assassinated

Monday July 30th - Sunday August 5th 1900

Monday July 30th

It has been a lovely day today, not so hot but beautiful and bright.  I was home by six. Got my tea ready myself as Mother has gone up to Lil’s to help her cover her old couch and make fresh covers to her chair cushions.  I went up and called for her we got home by nine o’clock.  There is dreadful news in the paper today that the king of Italy has been asassinated and there are dreadful goings on in China and things to not look very bright in South Africa.

Tuesday July 31st

Another fine day, came over rather dull in the evening.  Home at 6.30.  Went to C.E. at 8 o’clock, we had a very nice meeting a good number present.  We had an echo meeting.  Echoes from the Convention by those who went, 6 or 8 gave as echo.

More sad news in the papers today.  The Duke of Edinburgh the Queens second son has died suddenly of paralysis of the heart, he has not been well for sometime and the Doctor warned him that he was not likely to live long as he was suffering from cancer of the throat.  The young Duke of Albany takes his place as the Duke of Sax Coburg Gotha.

Wednesday August 1st

Very showery today and much cooler.  Flo is expecting to move tomorrow so Mother has gone up to help her and is going to stay all night.  I did think of sleeping alone but Mary invited to to go there so I went.  We went to choir practise and then went right up to the Clergy Orphan School with Miss Symons.

Thursday August 2nd

Rather dull and unsettled and quite chilly, a change after the hot weather we have had.  I did not get home till 7.30 as I did not expect Mother home till about 9 o’clock, but Flo did not move after all, so Mother came home at dinner time, Miss Reading’s birthday today so she gave us a tea party.

Friday August 3rd

A very rough day, the  wind blowing tremendously and heavy showers of rain.  I stayed on at work until half past seven.  Mother has just had a note from Flo saying they are going to move tomorrow.

Saturday August 4th

A much better day today, looked a bit threatening in the morning but cleared up afterwards.  Mother went up to Flo’s as soon as I had gone this morning.  I got home at 2 o’clock, had my dinner and then went up to Gladstone Road.  I took Elsie and baby out from about half past three till half past seven.  I called in at Lil’s and took her three with me and we all went up the lane as far as Tommy Deacons hill.  About half past six we went to Lil’s for tea.  Flo was very glad to get the children out of the way while she and Charlie and mother go a little bit straight.

Sunday  August 5th

Another rough stormy day.  A Mr Harris preached in the morning and Mr Gregory in the evening.  It was raining hard when we came out of Chapel so we got home as soon as we could.




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  • Edie mentions Elsie and Flo. At the end of June we had a family gathering and worked out that 6 generations on from Edie and Flo were there. Weather was very similar as well!!

    By Virginia Barber (05/08/2013)