Going on holiday to Penmaewmawr

Monday June 11th - Sunday June 17th 1900

Monday June 11th

Not so fine as yesterday.  Home at 9.30.  Had a very heavy day of work.

Tuesday June 12th

A very stormy day.  It came over so dark in the morning we had to light up for some time.  Did not get home till 10.30.

Wednesday June 13th

Rather showery.  The Sunday School treat today.  They went to Bricket Wood.  I could not get off to go with them.  I got home at 8.30 then went down and met them coming out of the station.  They had a very nice day.

Thursday June 14th

Thunderstorm again today.  Got home at 7 o’clock.  Was busy getting my things ready for going to my holiday.  Mother, Lily and I are going to Penmaewmawr.  The weather does not look very promising but may clear up.

Friday June 15th

Slight showers again today.  Got home at 8 o’clock tired out.  Went down to Rob’s to see if Lily was nearly ready, did one or two things for Tilly, then called at Fred’s.

Saturday June 16th

Fine but rather dull and windy.  Mother, Lily and I left Bushey by the 9.34 train.  Rob met us at Chalk Farm and went with us to Euston and saw us off by the 11 o’clock train.  We only had to change at Leicester.  We got to Penmaewmawr about 5 o’clock.  We had some tea and then went and had a look around and got in some provisions, it seems a quiet place.  We rode down in company with an M.P. and his wife named Blake.

Sunday June 17th

A lovely bright day.  We did not get up very early had breakfast about 9 o’clock.  Went out about ten.  Had a look around to see where the Chapels were, could not find an English Baptist so went to a Wesleyan in the morning and Congretational in the evening.  In the afternoon we went for a walk to Conway and after Chapel in the evening went along the Holyhead Road towards Llanfairfechan.

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  • There is a mystery in this holiday journey for anyone interested in our railway history.  In 1900 it might have been possible to travel from Euston to Leicester but there would be no reason to do so to get to North Wales.  The route from Euston via Crewe was the direct route then as it still is now.  On some trains you don’t even need to change at Crewe and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was also true in 1900.  So, was Edith mistaken over where she changed or did she deliberately travel to Leicester for reasons we will never know and if so did she really leave from Euston !?

    By David Hall (03/05/2014)