Mother and Edith go to Walthamstow for a couple of days

Monday June 25th - Saturday June 30th 1900

Monday June 25th

Very dull all day.  We had time for a walk after we had packed up ready for going home.  We caught the 11.31 train from Penmaewmawr, we only had to change at Chester and Willesden.  We got to Bushey at 6.20.  We went into Rob’s to tea.  It began to rain again fast just after we got in, so we had to stay for a bit.  We called in at Fred’s as we came home.

Tuesday June 26th

A rather better day today but not very bright.  After breakfast I spent a couple of hours gardening, then dressed and Mother and I went up Watford.  Mother went to Lil’s for dinner.  I went to Flo’s found them both busy with washing.  We had an early cup of tea and then Flo and the children and I went down to Lil’s.  I took Elsie and Dorrie for a little walk while Flo had a chat with Mother and Lil.  I got home in time to go to the C.E.meeting.

Wednesday June 27th

Weather about the same as yesterday.  Went into the garden for a bit of breakfast and then did some needlework till dinner time.  Had a bad headache all day.  After dinner we went up Watford cemetary to see Mrs Beatty buried.  She died on Monday, she was very ill before we went away.  It has been a very sad holiday for Maria.  Lil and Flo both came to the cemetary and Mother went home with Lil, to tea and I went with Flo.  We got back in time for the week night service and stayed to church meeting.

Thursday June 28th

Weather very nice today.  Mother and I went to Walthamstow by the 10.34.  Got there about half past twelve.  We did not go out in the afternoon, but had an early cup of tea and then met Johnnie and Annie coming out of School.  We all went to the Carnival at Woodford.  Millie was going with us but it seemed like a storm coming so she truned back, but it cleared up after a short shower.

Friday June 29th

A lovely day, bright and hot.  After Emmie had sent Johnnie off to school for dinner.  Then went on a round of visits to Alice and Alf’s and Milly’s.  She took us for a lovely walk to old Chingford Church, got back in time.  Had some tea and then caught the 7.04 train from Wood Street.  We got to Bushey at 9.30.

Saturday June 30th

A nice day not quite so hot as yesterday.

I went into the garden for a little while after breakfast, then did a few odd jobs of needlework.  Had dinner 12 o’clock, caught the 12.34 to Euston and then to Gower Street for Notting Hill Gate.  Aunt Clara not at home.  I went for over an hour and walked in Kensington Gardens then called again, but she was still out, then I went back to Euston and caught a bus to Highbury.  Found Aunt Emily alone, Uncle Alf gone to Brighton for a week’s holiday.  I stayed with her till about a quarter to 8 then went to Euston and caught the 8.35 train home.

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