Whitsun at Highbury

Friday 1st June - Sunday 10th June 1900

Young Edith Morgan
copyright Virginia Barber

Friday 1st June

Another cold dull day. Did not get home till half past seven then brought work home with me.

Saturday 2nd June

A dull morning but cleared up fine and bright afterwards, much warmer. I got home at 2.30 had my dinner then got ready for going back to London. Mother and I are going to spend Whitsun at Highbury. We went by the 4.34 and got there about quarter to six. We had tea then Uncle Alf took me for a walk to Clissold Park. We sat down and heard the band play then walked home. Mother had stayed with Auntie, after we got back Uncle had to fetch something from Cousin Ada so I went with him.

Sunday 3rd June

A lovely day bright and warm. Mother and I went to Finsbury Park Chapel in the morning. Uncle Alf came to meet us coming out, in the afternoon we had a rest I had a very bad headache. I went to Chapel again in the evening. Mother stayed with Auntie. Alice Mohr came in the evening. Uncle and I went home with her, when we got back we had some singing.

Monday 4th June

A most lovely day. The weather was almost perfect. Uncle and I started out about half past ten. We got on a bus at Highbury station and went down to Hyde Park. Walked about there some time then came back through Regents Park. Stopped to look at the horses going to the cart horse show. We got home about 2 o’clock had dinner and then a rest, then had a cup of tea. Then Uncle Mother and I went to see Aunt Carrie at Mildmay Park. Aunt Emily was going with us but was not well enough. We got back again about nine.

Tuesday 5th June

Not such a fine day as yesterday, but pretty fair. I have been to business today, then went back to Highbury in the evening to call for Mother. We got home by the 10.20 train. There was quite a thunderstorm as we came along and it was raining hard when we got to Bushey.

Wednesday 6th June

Fine all day. Got home 7.30. Did a little weeding in the garden till it was dark, then did a bit of work I had brought home and wrote a letter about apartments at Penmaenmon.

Fred and Mary called in for nearly an hour. I went down and posted the letter about eleven o’clock.

Thursday 7th June

Heavy thundershowers, the storm was very severe at Watford this morning. The lightening struck the Wesleyn Chapel Vicarage Road. I stayed on extra late tonight and did not get home till 10.30.

Mother has been up at Lil’s and Flo’s all day.

Flo has got Charlie’s sister’s girl Winnie staying there.

Friday 8th June

Another showery day. Got home at half past nine. Very tired. Nothing particular to note.

Saturday 9th June

Weather about the same as yesterday.

Did not get home till 6.30. At 9 o’clock went to the prayer meeting.

Sunday 10th June

A most beautiful day, very hot. Our Sunday S anniversary today. Mr Cooper of Reading was the preacher. The hymns went very nicely. Lily and Katie Field sang their duets very nicely. After Chapel I walked up to the Market Place with Maggie Gosling and then called in on Lil. Flo and Charlie went to Fred’s to tea.

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