A Busy, Tiring Week.

Monday March 5th - Sunday March 11th 1900

Monday March 5th

Fine all day, rather cold. Not much to note a I did not get home till 9.30pm.  Then had supper and went to bed.  Mary had some work to machine and her Mother came with her and they stayed to tea.

Tuesday March 6th

Weather still dull and cold. Stayed on again and just missed the 8.40pm train at Chalk Farm.  The office clock was slow, so I went as far as Cousin Clara’s to pass the hour away.  Clara walked back as far as the station with me.  Mother wondered where I had got to.  Rob came up here to have his tea as Tilly had gone to St. Albans.

Wednesday March 7th

Weather still about the same.  I have not felt up to the mark today so I came away at half past seven tonight and went to bed early.

Thursday March 8th

Weather still about the same.  Stopped on tonight till 8.30pm, it seems as if I should never get straight again for what with the work getting behind thro my being ill and I have got the heaviest section this month and the supps being added this month and the moving, everything has conspired to keep me behind.

Friday March 9th.

Nothing particular to note.  Weather about the same. Got home at 9.30.  Had supper and went to bed.

Saturday March 10th

A nice bright day, it was a lovely afternoon.  It seemed a shame to have to stay on.  Got home at 6 o’clock and then brought work home with me.  Had my dinner tea, then did a bit of work, at 8 o’clock went down to the prayer meeting then came home and finished the work I had brought home with me.  Had supper and I went to bed.  I feel about done up.  I am thankful tomorrow is the day of rest.

Sunday March 11th

Another fine day, quite a spring day.  I am thankful for the day of rest.  I have felt nearly done up.  I did not go to S.S. this morning as my voice is not very grand and I was afraid to try it out too much.  Rob and Tilly and Bert and Lily came to tea.  Mother went to Chapel this evening but did not stay to the prayer meeting.  Lily came up with me after the prayer meeting and we had a little singing.


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