Church Meetings and Domestic Details.

Monday March 19th - Sunday March 25th.1900

Monday March 19th.

It must have snowed again in the night as the ground was quite white but the sun came out and the snow soon disappeared and it was a beautiful day afterwards.  Cousin Clara and Alice came down for the day, they went home by the 8.30 train.  I did not get home till 6.30 as I just missed the 9 past 5 at Chalk Farm.  At 8 o’clock I went down to the Chapel for a lecture on the Jews with limelight illustrations, it was most interesting there was a very good audience.  Flo took baby and Elsie up Watford to see the Circus processing up Watford and called in Mrs Bailey’s for about an hour coming home.

Tuesday March 20th.

It has been a very nice day today, sun shining all day.  Maggie, Eva and I went into Regent’s Park for the dinner hour.  I stayed on till 6.45 train, as I am not straight with my work.  It made me late at the C.E. for the train did not get into Bushey till turned 7.30 and then I had to have my tea.  After the meeting I went down to Lil’s to call for Mother then had my supper.  Wrote in this diary.

Wednesday March 21st.

Another fine day, though not quite so bright as yesterday.  I did not get home till half past seven again, so was not in time for the service but went to choir practice at 8.30.   Flo and Charlie came to dinner with Mother.  I went down to Lil’s to tea.

Thursday March 22nd.

Dull and cold and rain first thing.  I managed to catch the 6.15 train tonight.  Found mother out.  I went down to Fred and found her there just going to see Flo and the children off by the 7.20 train, so I went down with them.  Charlie has been to London today after work.  He thinks he has got it.  Flo is hoping to come and live in Watford.  After I had my tea I had a little tune on the piano and then wrote in this book.  Mother has gone down to Lil’s to take a hat she has been making for Dorrie a cream tam-o-shanter.

Friday March 23rd.

Very dull and cold again today, a bitter cold wind blowing. Got home at 6 o’clock tonight, did not expect to be home till 7 ot half past, so had to wait for my dinner tea.  After tea I went down to Lil’s to take back some book they had lent me.  At 8 o’clock I went to the pentacostal Meeting.  On my way home called at Rob’s for a little while.

Saturday March 24th.

Another dull cold morning but the sun came out nice and bright in the afternoon.  I managed to catch the 9 past one train.  After I had my dinner I went out and did some digging in the garden.  I got very tired for there is so much rubbish to clear away.  After tea I wnet up to Watford to put some money in the bank. got back in time for the prayer meeting.  When I got home I felt tired and very glad to get to bed and to think that tomorrow is Sunday.

Sunday March 25th.

Another peaceful, happy Sunday gone by.  The weather is still very cold and cheerless, looks as though it would snow.  Mrs Badminton is spending a day or two with Tilly.  She came up in the choir with me tonight.  After the service tonight we had our endeavour prayer meeting.  A good many stayed to it and we had a very earnest meeting.  As we came home Mother and I called in at Rob’s and we had a little singing.  When we got home I had a time on the piano for a little while.  Fred and Mary came to tea.


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