The Prince of Wales

Monday March 26th - Sunday March 31st 1900

Monday March 26th

Brighter day today but still very cold. Went for a little walk in the park in the dinner hour. After tea tried over some hymns for S.S (Sunday School) anniversary then went to choir practice at 8.30. Charlie started work in London today.

Tuesday March 27th

Nice fine day but still cold. Home at 6. Went to C.E at 8 o’clock, then down to Lil’s to call for Mother. I called at Rob’s for a minute to ask Tilly if she could help out with the refreshments tomorrow night.

Wednesday March 28th

Another fine day. Tonight we held the 4th anniversary of our C.E. Mr Beale came from London to speak. I sang a solo. The meeting was held in the Chapel. After it we adjourned to the Schoolroom for refreshments. I trust we shall hear of much blessings from the gathering. Flo and the two children came over for a few days. Charlie is staying at Fred’s this week.

Thursday March 29th

A dull morning but cleared up beautiful and bright and it has been a little warmer. I have got such a cold in my eye, it was so bad that I went to the Chemist in the dinner hour to get something for it. The Prince of Wales went by the end of the garden at the office on his way to Liverpool. Miss L gave us leave to go down to the end of the garden where we had a good view. I went to Highbury this evening instead of going home and as Flo was at home to keep Mother company stayed all. Spent the evening reading letter from Nellie at Kimberley all about the siege, they did have a time of it.

Friday March 30th

A lovely warm day in the sun. Got home at six, had my tea then went to see Flo and youngsters off to St Albans. Flo has spent the last two days walking around trying to find a place but has had to go back without being successful. Will is going to have a look around tomorrow to see if he can find a place.

Saturday March 31st

Another fine day. Home at 2.30 had my dinner then a nice quiet sit down for half an hour. Then went down to Lil’s and fetched the youngsters and took them for a walk. We were out for about two hours, it was a lovely afternoon quite warming in the sun. Will and Charlie have gone back to look at a house they think may suit. I stayed on and had my tea at Lil’s then came home and did a little work I had brought home then went down to the prayer meeting. I had some hot milk in bed as I have a bad cold.


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