Great excitement over the relief of Mafeking

Monday May 21st - Sunday May 27th 1900

Edith's family
Virginia Barber

Monday May 21st

Rather warmer today but very dull.  The gardens want rain very badly. Got home 6.30 after I had my tea was gardenng till 8 o’clock, then went to rehearsal of anniversary hymns, walked up with Mrs Bailey as far as her home afterwards.

There is still great excitement over the relief of Mafeking flags flying everywhere.  Fred and Charlie stayed in London till half past nine on Saturday to have a look round at the decorations and illuminations. Thousands of people congregated outside the house of Mrs Baden-Powell, her son Colonel Baden-Powell has been the leader in Mafeking during the seige, and his name is in everyone’s mouth.

Tuesday May 22nd

Still dull and rather cold a few showers. Got home 6.30 brought some work home with me.  Had my tea and a look round the garden, then work till it was time for C.E.then came home and did a bit more work.

Wednesday May 23rd

Heavy showers on and off all day, more lke an April day.  Got home at 6.30 had my tea then went in the garden for a little while, then Mother and I went to the Sunday School Anniversary meeting at the Villers Road Wesleyan Chapel.  I called in at Fred’s on our way home.

Thursday May 24th

A nice fine day, quite Queens weather.  Today is Queen Victoria’s birthday 81st I think.  There has been a grand carnival held in Camden Town this evening in aid of the war fund.  I got off half an hour earlier as I wanted to go to Highgate to see Miss Whitbread.  I saw a lot of the cars going to the procession as I went up in the tram.  I started home pretty early hoping to avoid the crowd but when I got down to Kentish Town  I had to stay on top of the bus for about an hour while the procession went by.  Then we followed slowly behind them towards Euston.  I was so afraid I would miss the last train home and mother would be worrying about me, but I managed to get home by half past eleven.

Friday May 25th

Been threatening for ran all day,  but here has only been slight showers.  The canival was carried on again tonight going a different route.  I caught the 5.9 train home tonight.  I was just in time to see Flo and the 2 children, they had been to tea with Mother.  Mother went  part of the way home with them.  She got back in time to so with me to Pentcostal Meeting where we heard a beautiful address on soul winning by Mrs Routledge.  We had a letter from Aunt Emily yesterday to say they had heard that Laurie had got safely to Kimberley.

Saturday May 26th

Rather uncertain sort of day just bright then dull but no rain.  Home at 2.30 had my dinner then did some mending and tidied my drawers.  Had tea early then Mother and I took some flowers up to put on Fathers grave.  Came home and fetched my hymn book and went to prayer meeting.  Called in at Fred’s for a little while on my way down.

Sunday May 27th

A nice day very warm. The Chapel anniversary held today and continued tomorrow.  Mr Fisk late of Rickmansworth preached this evening.  I did not hear him as I went to Maggie Gosling’s to tea and then went to Beechen Grove with her.  It was the anniversary there.  Rev Carey Boner of Southampton was the preacher, the singing was very good.  Mother came to meet me after chapel and we went to Lil’s for a little while.  Flo and Elsie were at Beechen Grove,  I saw them outside.



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  • According to 1891 Census the Wesleyan Chapel in Villiers (spelt Villers in the census) appears to have stood between no’s 61 and 62.

    Apparently it was an old iron Chapel previously used by the Plymouth Brethren and purchased by the Methodists in 1885 who held their first service there in May 1886.

    By Susan Waller (17/06/2013)
  • Where was the Chapel in Villiers Road that Edith mentions?

    By John Beaumont (16/06/2013)