New people arrive to take over Lil's business

Tuesday May 1st - Sunday May 6th 1900

Tuesday May 1st

Tuesday wet morning but fine afterwards.  Home 6.30 did a little gardening and then went to Christian Endeavour meeting.  Called in at Lil’s afterwards.

Wednesday May 2nd

A lovely bright day, much warmer, we sat out in the garden in the dinner hour.  I stayed on and had my tea at the office and then went to Exeter Hall to the Annual Meeting of the Pentecostal League.  Tilly was on the look out for me, we got home at 10.30.

Thursday May 3rd

A wet morning but cleared up later.  Got home at 6.00 o’clock, brought some work home with me, worked till dusk went with Mother down to Lil’s.  The people who have taken the business have come, the lady Miss Bee is staying there altogether and her Uncle has got a lodging near.  They are in a fine old muddle down there.  Lil will be truly thankful when they are out of it.

Friday May 4th

Fine all day.  A strong breeze blowing, kept it from being too hot.  Maggie Gosling and I went for a walk in the Park in the dinner hour.  Got home at 6.  Had tea and was gardening until dark, then went with Mother down to Lil’s for some things she wanted, then came home and wrote to Africa to Cousin Laurie.

Saturday May 5th

Another lovely day, quite hot.  The wind has gone down.  Got home just before two, had dinner, then went down to Lil’s and helped get the children ready.  We caught the 3.30 bus and went up to Flo’s.  We stayed and had some tea with them then came gently home, came down Wiggenhall Road and went in and had a look at the garden at Ivanhoe where Lil and Will are going to live.  Then across Watford Fields home.  Little Dorrie walked nearly all the way I only carried her a little way here and there and she is such a mite.  It kept them all nicely out of Lil’s way.

Sunday May 6th

Fine morning but soaking wet evening.  Mother and I went to Rob’s to tea.  Flo came down to Chapel and we were going to walk home with her, but it poured with rain so we came straight home.  Fred and Mary came up and we went over the anniversary hymns.

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