The Siege of Mafeking Ends

Monday 14th May-Sunday 20th May 1900

Monday May 14th

Fine and bright but very cold and windy. Maggie Gosling and I went for a walk in the park in the dinner hour. Caught the 5.9 train home, had tea then did a few odd jobs I have been wanting to do. Got ready just before eight to go and practise of anniversary hymns. Called in on Fred’s on my way down. We had a very good practice Lily and Kate Field sang a duet together. Mother had been to Tilly’s she is not very well.

Tuesday May 15th

Another fine, bright, sunshiny day but very cold, wind in the north east. Caught the early train home, had tea, then went in the garden for a little while, too cold to stop out there long, then had a little practise on the piano. At eight o’clock went to the C.E consecration meeting tonight, a pretty fair number of active members, but very few associates. Mother had spent the day up at Lil’s. The two boys had their first day at Victoria school yesterday they seemed to like it all right.

Wednesday May 16th

Another fine day, not quite so cold. Did not get home till 7.30. Had some tea then did some needlework and had a tune on the piano. Had supper and went to bed pretty early.

Thursday May 17th

A beautiful bright day, very much warmer. Went out in the dinner hour and it was quite hot. Came home on the early. I went straight on up to Flo’s to tea, Mother was spending the day up there. Mrs A Halsy once Pollie Fig had been to tea, they had all been for a walk together before tea. Lil and Lily and Dorrie came in before we came away and we all came away from Flo’s together. I went into Lil’s for a few minutes then Lily and Mother and I came home. People were putting their flags out as Mafeking is relieved, but it is not officially reported, but may be in the morning.

Friday May 18th

Very dull all day, drizzling rain came on about five but did not last long. I stayed on for an hour then walked to Euston for the 6.45 train. I had my tea then Lily came up to practise over the anniversary hymns as she wants to learn the alto.

Saturday May 19th

Another dull day but the rain kept off. Great excitement prevails everywhere today. Crowds have been going about all night, for at nine o’clock last night news reached the Mansion House that Mafeking was relieved after siege of 216 days and the news spread like wildfire everywhere and people went nearly mad. I got home at 2.30 had my dinner and then went up to Flo’s and went shopping to buy Elsie a new hat. I brought myself a pair of shoes. Mother came on a little later and met us, after we had finished shopping, Mother went to Lil’s to tea and I to Flo’s, then I called for Mother on my way home. When we got to Mrs Bailey we went in there for a little while, then home, supper and bed.

Sunday May 20th

A little brighter today. The Sunday school have been closed to the younger scholars, as the easels are very bad about Bushey, they have shut the day schools up for a fortnight. There was a practise for the elder ones this afternoon. After school Lily and I went up to the Churchyard and after Chapel tonight Rob and Lily and I went for a little walk. We went to the open air meeting first and then had the walk to warm us. Mother stayed with Tilly.

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