Watford grandly decorated for Masonic School foundation stone laying.

Monday 7 May - Sunday 13 May 1900

Monday May 7th

Pretty fine all day.  I went to Melgrund Road this evening.  Found Auntie much better than I expected.  I came home by the 9.35.  Mother had been helping Lil and Will with their moving.  She did not get home very long before i did.

Tuesday May 8th

Very nice day.  Staying on tonight, got home at 9.30.  Aunt Clara came down this morning, is going to stay for a few days.

Wednesday May 9th

Showery all da, but nice fine evening.  Mother and Auntie have been at Lil’s and Flo’s all day, did not get home till nearly nine o’clock.  I got home at 9.30.  I had my supper and then finished a letter I had been writing to Laurie in Africa.

Thursday May 10th

A wet morning but cleared up nice and fine by dinner time.  Got home at 9.30.  Aunt Clara went home by the 7.20 train, she seems all the better for her day or two holiday.

Friday May 11th

A rather unsettled sort of day threatening rain.  Mother has been up at Lil’s all day.  I did not get home till 9.30.

Saturday May 12th

Pretty fine all day except for slight shower.  Watford and Bushey have been ‘en fete’ today on the occasion of the Duke of Connaught’s visit to lay the foundation stone of the Masonic School in the Avenue, Aldenham Road.  I did not get home till 3.30 but was just in time to see them going back to Watford Station after the ceremony.  Watford was never so grandly decorated and illuminated before.  Mother and i had dinner and tea together and then walked up as far as Lil’s and I had a look all round as it was the first time of going in their new house, they are nearly straight and all look very nice.  Then we took little Dorothy with us and went to Flo’s, stayed there a little while and then took her home.  Then Ma and I went into Watford, went into the Clarendon Hall to the exhibition of flowers made by cripples of the Watercress and Flower girl mission, it was very nice.

Sunday May 13th

Fine all day but very cold like Winter come back again.  A strong north blowing and not much sunshine.  Have spent another quiet happy day of rest.  The children were rather troublesome at School tis afternoon and I felt rather discouraged after, but the sermon tonight cheered me and other workers as well.  After chapel Mother and I had a quiet walk round the Avenue and down Bushey.  Saw the immense tents put up for the set out yesterday.


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