Mother's Birthday

Monday October 8th to Sunday 14th October 1900

Monday October 8th

Another glorious day, made one long to be out in the sunshine.  I did not get home till 9-30.  Amy went up to Lil’s this morning and brought Dorrie down to dinner with Mother.  She took her home after dinner and has stayed there for the night.

Tuesday October 9th

Another fine day.  Home at 9-30 not much to note.  Olive Coker called in today and had a cup of tea with Mother.  We had not seen her for such a long time.

Wednesday October 10th

It looked like rain first thing but cleared up a lovely day afterwards, much cooler.

The re-opening services of the Chapel were held today after the renovation.  There was a sermon by Rev. J. Wilson of Woolwich in the afternoon.  Then tea and afterwards a public meeting.  I was out of it all as I did not get home till 9-30.

Jessie Clark was married today at old Hampstead Church.  Quite a number of the girls went to see it.  Miss Cull and Maggie McKenzie went out of our room.

Thursday October 11th

Another fine day.  I actually got home at six o’clock on the eleventh of the month a thing I have not done for a long while.  I was very glad as it was Mother’s birthday.  Amy came in while I was having my tea.  She slept at Flo’s last night and is going to Lil’s tonight.  I walked up Watford with her.  We went as far as the Parade then she went to Lil’s and I came home.  It was about a quarter past eight when I got home, then I did some machining, finished a fancy apron I had been making out of remnants of the dress I had when Flo was married.  I seemed to have quite a nice long evening.  Aunt Clara sent Mother a nice black apron for her birthday.  I gave some money to get when she likes.  She got some astrakhan trimming for a cloak she is making.

Friday October 12th

Another fine day.  Got home at 6 o’clock.  Went to Pentecostal meeting.  Called in at Rob’s on our way home.  Amy had dinner there and went to Miss Mitchell’s to tea.  She is going to sleep at our house tonight.

Saturday October 13th

Not so fine today, heavy showers, bright in between whiles.  Got home at 2 o’clock had dinner then Amy and I went to Gladstone Road that Charlie might take our photos.  He took Amy and Flo and I separately and then the 3 of us together.  We had some laughing over it.  Then Amy and I went to tea at Mrs Dick Ellis’s, we stayed there till about 8 o’clock and then called in at Lil’s for a few minutes before coming to our house.

Sunday October 15th

A nice fine day and not as cold as yesterday.  Amy went back today, she did not like saying goodbye.

I went to Highbury this evening to take an umbrella Uncle Alf had left at or place.  Did not get home till 10-30.

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