Good turnout at Consecration Meeting

Monday September 17th - Sunday September 23rd

Monday September 17th

Still fine.  I got home at 6-30.  After tea I went up to Lil’s to see how they were getting on.  Lil seems to be getting on very nicely.

Tuesday September 18th

Another fine day, came over rather cloudy in the evening but the rain kept off.  Went to C.E. it was consecration meeting, a good number present.

Wednesday September 19th

Still fine.  I got home at 6 o’clock brought some work home with me.  I went to the weeknight service.  Called in at Rob’s for a few minutes then came home and did the work I had brought home.

Thursday September 20th

Rather cloudy but the rain kept off. I went to Ernest Hartley’s to a B of H Union committee meeting.

Friday September 21st

Fine today.  Got home at 7-30 found Mother at home.  she waited while I had some tea then I walked up at far as King Street with her, then I went onto Flo’s, did not stay long as I wanted to get back in good time to wash my hair.

Saturday September 22nd

Another lovely day.  Got home at 2-30 had my dinner then went and met the 3-20 as I expected Aunt Clara and Bert but he did not come by that train so I got on the bus and went up to Lil’s to see if he had come earlier then I came down and met the next train but he did not come by that after all.  He went onto Watford.  I went back to Lil’s to tea and came back in time for the prayer meeting.  Cousin Clara and Lizzie came down this afternoon, she is going to stop at Rob’s till Sunday night.

Sunday September 23rd

A nice fine day.  After Chapel Mary, Fred and I walked home with Flo and went in and had some singing.  Did not get home till eleven o’clock.  It was a lovely moonlight night.

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