Oxhey Cricket Club

Do you recognise any of the Cricket Team from the 1950's

By Susan Waller (nee Davidson)

Oxhey Cricket Club
Oxhey Cricket Club Membership Card 1953
Courtesy of Mike Ladell
Oxhey Cricket Club Membership Card 1953
Courtesy of Mike Ladell

Oxhey Cricket Club used to play on the South Oxhey Playing fields.  My father James Davidson played for them for many years.

I can only name two people in the photograh and they are – Far right Mr Lawrie (unpire), next to him (left) is Dave Bewley who was a former Watford football player.


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  • Hello everyone
    So good to read your comments
    I played many times and was first change behind Frank and Stan
    Happy days
    charlie burton

    By c burton (27/05/2020)
  • hello everyone
    I played for Oxhey C C from 1952 56
    names I recall
    John Shave, Frank Oldfield and his opening bowler Allison
    Eddie Ryan, Ted Short, Bill Lawrie, Bill Broadbent
    am now struggling.
    Charlie Burton

    By charlie Burton (27/09/2018)
  • I remember all the names you mentioned very well. Was it Bill Broadbent or “Broadbridge?
    My father was Jim Davidson who played for Oxhey Cricket Club for many years and made some of
    equipment used for scoring.

    By Susan Waller (28/09/2018)
  • How wonderful to find these photos of the Cricket Team. My father, Alex. Burton is on this photo, top row, 2nd left, arms folded. My brother Charlie, also played cricket at Oxhey at the same time, he said he must have been 17. We have just visited Charlie, who showed us these photos. my other brother John and I went to Clarendon and Little Oxhey Wood school. I remember dad speaking of, Dave Bewley and J.N.Shave. It is wonderful to have these memories.

    By Brenda Lauren ROGERS(Burton) (23/09/2018)
  • I recognise my Dad in this photo: Leslie Hopkins. He is still around so I will show it to him and I know he’ll be able to name some of the others. At 82 he still speaks sometimes of the South Oxhey cricket team.

    By Barbara Abbott (30/06/2016)
  • Hello Denis – I did send you an e.mail with instructions for putting photographs onto the site, I will resend it, really looking forward to seeing the photograhs.

    By Susan Waller (06/04/2012)
  • Message has been resent today to the e.mail address you have given, we look forward to hearing from you.

    By Susan Waller (06/04/2012)
  • Hi,how can I send you some old pictures of the club?

    By Denis Allison (05/04/2012)
  • I had a look at this site by chance,and wow,Hello Uncle Den. Stan Allison was(is) my Grandad,My late Mums Dad. My Mum Rhona Allison, Dens sister. I remember Grandad Stan well,I was only about 8(1971)when Stan passed away.

    By robin harris (30/03/2012)
  • Hi,my dad Stan Allison played for the club,and I have come across some good pictures.How can I attach them to my E-Mail?

    By Denis Allison (09/02/2012)
  • You can imagine the delight and pleasure it brought me to find your photograph of Bill Lawrie who was my father. I played for the club in both the 2nd and 1st teams from 1957 from the age of 15 to 1965 when I left the area to move to Braintree in Essex. Bill was much respected by the team members and the opposing teams being renound for the fairness of his umpiring decissions.In 1954 he had a heart attack and suffered with angina for the remainder of his years which lead to him taking to the field complete with white coat, straw hat and shooting stick which he sat on at sqare leg when not at the bowling end.He never played the game himself but was an avid lover of the game at all levels.He umpired right up to his death in 1965 from another attack in a London taxi cab on his way to a business appointment. My memorry no matter how I try to jog it does not enable me to identify any of the team members in the photograph but I can add some names to the list of players. These being Ted Clements, Lester Piggott and Frank Oldfield. Stan Allison was right arm over the wicket medium fast bowler who had the ability to swing the ball away from the batsmen off a fairly short run up.Frank Oldfield was a genuine left arm over the wicket (rare in the game) quicky at club level.Lester Piggott was a gentle big man who was also right arm over the wicket quicky, and the three of them made a formidable attack at this level of the game.Ted Short already mentioned was renound for his bowling of slow “donkey drops” and his taking of almost suicidal quick singles and was a London cabbie. When unable to take to the field because of his angina Bill would act as scorer and whether umpiring or scoring he regularly wrote match reports which were published in the Watford Observer and one other local paper the name of which evades me at present.I have tried to access the archives of theses papers without much success at present maybe someone else can find some of these reports. I am not sure of the following but I believe the club originally played on a concrete strip covered with matting on the Oxhey Estate in the Muirfield Rd area ( I could be just dreaming) before moving to the old golfcourse now know as Oxhey Playing Fields.Here first playing on an area opposite Prestwick Rd and later on the other side opposite Hayling Rd or it could have been the other way round. Would it be possible to have a copy of the photograph. Thanks for the memories.Brian.

    By BRIAN LAWRIE (07/02/2012)
  • My dad ,Stan Allison,played for the club.I remember watching them play .Great pictures.

    By Denis Allison (11/01/2012)
  • Hi Mr Cumming-Bart was a West Indian who played for Barbados I think. He was great friends with Sobers. I played for South Oxhey in 60’s and he taught me footwork! His son Gerry was my friend and he went to Bushey Grammar. When I played 2 ‘old’ players were Ted ( a navy man?)and Les. Still recall those sunny days! I went onto Loughborough Uni and played with David Gower once! Vic Wright 01032011

    By Vic Wright (01/03/2011)
  • Susan, I can’t add any more names to the two that you know but perhaps I can add some details. I lived in Hayling Road and played a few seasons for Oxhey CC from the age of 15 in 1951. I think your photo is probably from the late 1950’s. In my time Mr. Bewley (we called all our elders ‘Mister’ back then) played for Fulham FC. I can recall that he needed to find work in the summer and worked at one stage with Mr. Burton, a shirt maker in Watford. Mr. Burton’s son, Charlie, played for Oxhey CC. Mr. Lawrie was a fine Scottish gentleman. I remember from talking to him on the train to London that he worked at John Lewis’s in Oxford Street. Other names I remember are Short, Cumming-Bart, Yeomans and Allison. Sorry I can’t help you with the names you’re seeking but hope you find these details of interest.

    By Bob Dear (10/12/2010)
  • Bob,thank you very much for your comment, yes we did not use first names then, did we? We knew our place! The names you mention are all very familiar to me, Ted Short, Alf Yeomans and Stan Allison were all good friends of my father (Jim Davidson). I also remember my father mentioning your name and I certainly remember Mr Cumming – Bart. Another name you may remember was Eddie Ryan. Unfortunately none of those mentioned are in the photograph. But you have certainly jogged my memory.

    By Susan Waller (nee Davidson) (10/12/2010)