Queens Visit

HMS Warrior, 6 May 2010

By Angela Killen

Angela Killen
Queen arriving
Angela Killen
The royal car
Angela Killen
A distant view
Angela Killen
Driving away
Angela Killen
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  • Whilst this is in Northwood it was added to ‘Our Oxhey’ because it is of local interest being so close to South Oxhey and many residents work at the base.

    By Susan Waller (12/07/2019)
  • This is in Northwood. Nothing to do with Oxhey!

    By Anonymous (09/06/2019)
  • I have just recently read that both Richard Briars, and Brian Murphy were stationed here during the 1950’s, as part of their National Service in the R.A.F.

    By Arthur Hall (21/02/2013)