Watford Roads

Watford's own cycling club

By Roy Cherington

Alan, Bob, Ron on club run
Roy Cherington
Roy on left on club run
Roy Cherington
Ron, Gilbert on club run
Roy Cherington

I joined Watford Roads in about 1963 and left about 1966 – they were good times. Established club members included Pat Webb, Jim Shields, Derek Bettles, Bob Brambly and Jim Rose.

Ex Clarendon ‘members’ and ‘non members’ include Bob Freeman, Ron Osborne, Alan Leer, Gilbert Lakey, Jim Palgrave and myself. It’s good to say that we and others from Clarendon are still in contact today.

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  • Hi, from Keith Hilder member in the mid 60’s remember ” Spider” and Colin Jordan, myself and Colin where from Victoria School , Tolpits Lane and we met then in what I think is now Central Primary School, Derby Road once a week for roller training etc and a good gossip then Sunday afternoon runs from Watford Town Hall steps ( some might remember the Robin Reliant that pulled in there and burst into flames) also the 10mile time trials out Hemel ( Two Waters) way turning round after 5 miles I think at Waters End.
    Anyway too all “Roader’s” still around good luck have fun and “ride on” in peace.
    PS I’ve still got my Watford Roads enamel pin on badge in mint condition.

    By Keith Hilder (03/09/2023)
  • I remember Pop Webb and Pat his son ,was a member around mid fifties. went on club runs and did the tens wed. eve on the bypass on to st Albans rd and back from the turn.Anyone remember little Dennis who was sun bathing mad, Leo who was very brainy,Dan Dan the one nine man,John Puddiphat and a trike he could never stay on so was always kept to the back of the group. Loads of others hard to remember so long ago. We met for social etc at a church hall somewhere near Stanborough park I think. I eventually left and defected to the Chiltern road club to become an obsessed road racer , the then BLRC rebels of yesteryear . feel free to contact me, many memories, special days.

    By Ray Dolamore (24/12/2019)
  • Eric Osborn was a member of the Watford Roads Cycling Club up until 1955 when he moved to Sutton, Surrey and joined the Redmon CC. He continued time trialling and touring with the Redmon for many years but kept in touch with old mates in the Watford Roads. Eric is now 90 Years old and gave up cycling after having both hips replaced. He remains fit and well and enjoys family life with wife, Joy.

    By Mrs Joy Osborn (30/08/2019)
  • Hi Damien, thanks – I shall pass the message on. I think early Club meetings were held in the Central Primary School, Derby Rd, later at Abbots Langley Mens Club (still there), Trowley Rise. TT’s were held on Watford Bypass A41.
    Marcus, I’m very sorry to hear this and thank you for letting us know – no doubt you recognise him in the photos.

    By Roy Cherington (23/09/2018)
  • Hi Marcus, Roy,
    Is there anything else you can share with us with regards to the old Watford Roads club, such as notable wins, club colours, riders, meeting points etc. I am the Chairman of the Watford Velo Sport club, and although we aren’t directly linked to the Watford Roads, we would like to add something to our website to honour them and the local riders that rode for the club.

    Damien (info@watfordvelo.com)

    By Damien (07/05/2018)
  • Hi Roy, I am Pat Webb’s son. Wanted to inform you he passed away just over a year ago. Cycling was his life even till the end. He made it to 88 years old and was still cycling. Wanted to let you know as you wrote about the Watford Roads cycling club which meant everything to him when he was younger. I still have most of his club trophies.

    By Marcus Webb (08/04/2018)