Where are you now?


By Geoff Holt

Another South Oxhey boy with an award, an MBE for community service (abroad).

I would love to learn more about Jim. He was my best man in 1973. 

I have lived in Gibraltar for the last 32 years and have lost touch.

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  • I just stumbled across this page – Jim and I played cards many a night back when I was a teen, so great to hear of his recognition and success! Geoff was a year or two behind me at Clarendon, he was a natural leader with a fun sense of humor! He and I shared at least one common interest – a beautiful young thing…

    By Richard Merrigan (22/09/2021)
  • I am trying to find out what happened to Jean Rush, wife of James, who lived at 43 Hayling Road.
    I believe she may have passed on now but would be interested to hear from any descendants or indeed any memories/photos.

    By Diane (11/09/2019)
  • I’m looking for anyone who has information on my sister Jill Mead.

    By Jenny (Mead) Percival (24/09/2018)
  • Jim Kennedy is my brother. Jim lives in London with his wife. Please contact me Geoff as Jim would like to hear from you. I live in Queensland Australia.
    Regards Tom Kennedy.

    By Tom kennedy (25/12/2017)
  • Geoff Holt has received contact information and has been able to make contact.

    By Susan Waller (28/12/2017)