Old Carpenders buildings

Farm in the old estate

By Neil Hamilton

Very scarce picture of old farm buildings, top of Carpenders Ave in the grounds of the old Carpenders estate. Demolished 1960 to build the USAF quarters on the site.

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  • This is a very rare picture, part of ‘Highfields Farm’ known to most of the locals as ‘Lower Farm’. Looking ahead through the trees is a wall which surrounds ‘Highfields’ orchard, a replacement wall can still be seen from Oxhey Lane, which is behind this wall. The entrance to the orchard is through the gate next to a small storage building, next to that building is an entrance (not very clear) leading to a house, which can be distinguished by its roof, this house was occupied by Mr Absaloms Bailiff, Bill Hughes, his wife, and children Jean and Brian. Further along (not shown) was a cowshed. The buildings to the right of the entrance (also not very clear) is a ‘Fruit Store’ and Barn. Behind the trees and fence, is a road which starts from Oxhey Lane, running parallel to Carpenders Avenue, and is the main entrance into the Farm. To understand the fences shown in the picture, you need to view the photo of Carpenders Avenue from Oxhey Lane, shown in Carpenders Park, St Meryls Estate, you will see a field on the left leading to No.26. This is the field which has been fenced ready for the build of bungalows, which have since been completed. Owners of these bungalows will now have an idea as to what existed at the bottom of their gardens. For the record I helped with fruit picking during the school holidays, I can remember that Cox’s Orange Pippins would be wrapped and placed in the fruit store.

    By Arthur Hall (05/02/2014)