Oxhey Lodge - 1928

Oxhey Lodge - 1928
Photograph Courtesy of Watford Library- P01720

This photograph of ‘Oxhey Lodge’ was taken in 1928.  Do you know where ‘Oxhey Lodge’ stood?  It is almost identical in design to the Park Keepers Cottages that once stood in Oxhey Park, was this building also situated in the park?

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  • Oxhey Lodge was located a little more than a hundred yards to the north-west of the 1912 Oxhey Golf Clubhouse, just beyond the limits of the 1912-52 golf course. The cottages and outbuildings were served by a short track from Green Lane, at the northern entrance to the extensive Blackwell’s Oxhey Place Estate. Oxhey Lodge is clearly marked on the 1822 Sheet 7 Ordnance Survey Old Series Map, and it remained in existence until well into the post-war period (late 1950s). I’m sure that local historians such as Neil Hamilton will have a more exact date for its demise and the subsequent development for new housing.

    By John Swain (24/01/2012)