The Milk and Orange machine at Carpenders Park Station

Up the ramp

By Terry Trainor

Kent History Forum

At the top of the ramp of Carpenders Park Station was a Milk machine and it also dispensed orange. It was sixpence for each I wonder how many people remember it? With kind permission from the kenthistoryforum here is a picture of that machine.

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  • When I worked in the Booking office there I use to fill the chocolate 🍫 and fag machine’s in the Booking hall, great income I got 6d in the pound for that

    By Keith Michael Brooks (05/07/2018)
  • The pig farm by the bank of Carpenders Park Station was looked after by an Irish family called Clancy. They lived on site in a caravan. I used to go to school with three of the children in the 1960’s and visit the farm on my way home. 

    By Terry Trainor (01/09/2015)
  • Thank goodness I found this comment. I used to visit my Grandma at Oxhey Drive with my Mum (I’m 59) and I thought I could remember the sound of pigs as we waited for the train home. Now I know my memory isn’t playing tricks.

    By Denis (20/05/2015)
  • The pig farm was a ‘Left over’ from the war. From the station steps towards St Georges Drive, was a field. A scheme was introduced whereby you could keep pigs, and would be allowed a share in the meat of slaughtered pigs. Mr Sid Brazier together with Gibson’s the Butcher’s installed the pig sty’s at the top of this field, next to the railway bank, Bins called ‘Pig Swill Bins’ were place in every road on the St Meryl Estate, ours was almost centre in Carpenders Avenue almost opposite the turning leading to Penrose Avenue, residents were then encouraged to empty their kitchen waste into these bins, which were emptied at various intervals, and taken to be cooked in a hopper next to the pig sty’s, as mentioned, you could smell the pigs from the station. When permitted, the number of pigs approved by the then ‘Ministry of Food’ were taken to Watford, to be slaughtered in Gibson’s ‘Abattoir’.

    By Arthur Hall (02/02/2014)
  • I don’t remember the milk machine, but I do remember the wooden steps to the station, there was also a pig farm there, we used to go with household scraps that was used for pig food, the pigs were very smelly.

    By Jacquelyn Westwood (14/06/2012)