John Edward Knight Cutts Restoration 1897/98

Oxhey Chapel

By Tom Andrews

Oxhey Chapel from South East
JEK Cutts
Oxhey Chapel from South West
JEK Cutts
Interior Altar Rails
JEK Cutts
Interior Looking East - Teak Wall Panels
JEK Cutts
Interior Looking West - Reseating
JEK Cutts

In 1897 vestries were added, the windows were restored and the seating pews were replaced and rearranged as well as other and various details attended to in the Oxhey Chapel.  My great-grandfather John Edward Knight Cutts was the architect for these repairs and and executed the repairs.  The repairs paid for by Thomas Blackwell, the co-founder of Crosse & Blackwell. JEK Cutts referred to this lovely building as the Ancient Oxhey Chapel. 

These photos are from my great-grandfathers own photo albums that he brought with him from London when he retired and moved the family to outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in March 1912 in the ship that preceded the Titanic in crossing the Atlantic. I don’t know if he himself was the photographer or whether he had hired one.  I do suspect it have been himself.

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  • Brilliant pics – thanks for sharing.

    By Neil Hamilton (26/07/2012)