South Oxhey Churches

St Martin's and St Joseph's

By Audrey Hoy

St Josephs Hall 1957
by Audrey Hoy
St Martins 1977
by Audrey Hoy
St Martins 1977
by Audrey Hoy

South Oxhey Weddings

  • 1957 at St Josephs hall used as a church
  • 1977 at St Martins with the Reverend Shad officiating
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  • I think my grandad (Richard Bass) is standing behind and to the right of the bride, I can only just see his head.

    By kim bowie (20/03/2012)
  • Looking through all the pictures I came across the one above, a wedding at St Martins Church taken in 1977. There was a sudden feeling of seeing it before, looking closer I noticed my parents Charlie & Stella Hills & Mum’s Auntie Lena & Uncle Ernie. From left to right my Dad is standing behind the lady in the blue coat, Mum is next to him. Mum’s Auntie Lena (in the red coat) & Uncle Ernie Bell are on the far right. This was taken two years before my wedding at the church in June 1979. Sadly Dad, Lena & Ernie are no longer with us, although it was nice surprise to see my family when I least expected to.

    By Kim Bowie (19/03/2012)

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