Holidays, bingo and fun with the Clitheroe Club

Tea cakes and memories

Member of the Clitheroe Club
by Beverley Small


I have always gone away with Fred to a holiday camp.   We all went on holiday together on a coach, about 48 of us.  We went to Devon, Cornwall, Yarmouth.  The last one was Devon but when Fred’s wife got ill he couldn’t do it any more.  He used to do everything, take the money, put the cases on the coach.  We had all our meals there and then went into the dance hall to dance.

When Fred’s wife died he met another lady and married her.  He sold his house and they moved last week to Yarmouth.


Fred used to call the Bingo at the Clitheroe Club.  We miss him.  Other people like Alan have volunteered to call so we can still do the bingo.  Me and Win sell the tickets.  We do it on a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Ernie was 98 when he died.  He used to sell the bingo tickets with me

Other ladies do Nit and Natter and they send stuff all round the world.  I can’t knit any more because of the arthritis in my hands.

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