Gibbs Couch Swimming Pool

1980's - 1995

By Joanne Neville

I have very special memories about this Swimming Pool.  I was lucky enough to grow up in Gibbs Couch and had access to the swimming pool every summer from 1987 – 1994.  This is where I taught myself how to swim at 4 years old.  We had lots of birthday parties there.  Both my sister’s and mum’s birthdays are in July, they were very lucky to have their birthday parties at the pool in the summer.  My brother used to play in the squash courts.

Here are a few of my favourite images of the pool.  One year in March it was hot enough for me to have my birthday party at the pool. Picture 7 is me in my rubber ring, and picture 3 is my mum, brother, sister and me.

The residents used to take turns in taking care of the pool, we had to check all the chemicals and chlorine levels in the water.

Sadly in 1995 the pool was no more, it was covered over and flats were built.  This was due to the residents not all being in agreement about keeping it and paying for it. Such a shame.

Image credit: Neil Namilton (image 9)

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  • I remember the pool well. Swam in it many times, including the odd Stag Night!

    By Paul Millbank (18/12/2012)