Oxhey Woods

Local Nature Reserve

By Susan Waller

S. Waller
You will need a stick to play this. Great fun for young or old.

It is often said that we do not see or appreciate what is right on our doorstep.  This is very true where the Oxhey Woods Local Nature Reserve is concerned.  I had seen work going on in the area and signs going up and bits and pieces in the local press.  It was only when I picked up a leaflet in the local Library that I thought about going to have a look at what had been going on and what a wonderful surprise it was.

Monday, November 5th was a beautiful morning after a very wet Sunday.  With the local trees looking splendid in the sunshine we decided it was a good day for a walk.  I had not been into the woods for many years, as they were aways so overgrown.  Not any more, they have been treated to a makeover. It was a real delight to walk along the firm pathways that have been laid along the circular walk and the wooden sculptures found along the way have to be seen to be believed.

We do take the beatuiful trees in this area for granted but the work and thought that has gone on to make this area of the woods so beautiful is to be commended, I will certainly use the woods more, it was a very memorable morning as these photographs show.

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  • I can remember walking and playing in Oxhey Woods as a child back in the 1950s, and marvelling at the splendid views from the highest points of the South Herts Plateau, north towards Watford and south into Greater London. During my recent short stay in Watford, attending the launch of David Reidy’s book on the Estate, “Poor but Proud”, I met up with old friend, Tony Hudson, on Sunday, July 1st. After lunch in “The Pavillion”, we walked into the Nature Reserve from an entrance on Gosforth Lane, past the site of the former Little Furze School and on up to Oxhey Drive through Old Hangings, before returning to Gosforth Lane near the junction with Brampton Road. The trail reminded me of similar treks over half a century ago, including the familiar thick, glutinous mud, which forms readily on the notorious London Clay after spells of rain, during one of the wettest summers on record! I have to agree with Neil Hamilton: Oxhey Woods look better now than in the early years of South Oxhey. I shall now enjoy Sue’s splendid photographs of this amenity taken on a fine autumnal morning.

    By John Swain (08/11/2012)
  • Looks terrific now – havent been round those woods for ages. Used to know where there were old Victorian fence and gateposts – dont know if they are still there. I used to organise a circular walk around Carpenders Park taking in the local sights – would be interesting to get another organised maybe.

    By Neil Hamilton (06/11/2012)