Oxhey Park - 2015

Looking Good After Recent Renovations

In the Autumn of 2015 ‘Oxhey Park’ looks very different to how it looked when I was first taken there as a child in 1948. The new play area for children is very smart and seems well used. The new paths and steps down to the river make an attractive addition. As does the bridge over the river and the plaque by a seating area. From high up in the park the new road can been seen that is being built from Dalton Way to Watford General Hospital. The wood sculpture of the ‘Conker’ is a real work of art and looked wonderful in the late autumn sunshine. A really nice place to take a walk.

2017 – Oxhey Park – North

There are now plans to develop the North Side of Oxhey Park and these can be viewed on the following linkĀ http://www.watford.gov.uk/downloads/file/822/

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  • A wonderful collection of photographs from one of the valued open spaces in the Watford and Oxhey District, which I first visited in the spring of 1953. During my last visit to the park in June 2014, I was able to see some of the alterations which were being installed and I hope to plan further trips to Oxhey Park in the near future, from my present home in County Durham! Thanks again Sue for sharing your pictures with us!

    By John Swain (27/10/2015)