Clarendon School - Approx. 1960

Mr Baker's Class

Photograph Courtesy of Ron Oliver

This photograph was taken approximately 1960 of Mr Baker’s Class. Names are as follows:-

Back Row:-

1. Leslie Eels   2. Bob Bryan   3. Frank Matthews   4. Robert Barton   5. Ron Oliver   6. William Lee   7. ? Beveridge (one of twins)

Middle Row:-

1. Barry Jackson   2. David Minter   3. Barbara Hill   4. Mary Perkins    5. Mo Dunning (Mills)       6. Bernadette “Terry” Steins (Tanner)   7. Joan Webb   8. Kay Page   9. John Scutt   10. Alan Scott

Front Row:-

1. Doreen Weatherhead   2. Vivenne Osbourne   3. Lynn Christian   4. Carol Banfield   5. Jean Cooke

6. Audrey Boxhall     7. Anne Morris   8. Brenda Spicer   9. Lorraine Paget   10 . Doreen Walker



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  • Came upon this page by chance after looking for a book about Clarendon School. So pleased to find Barbara Brown (Hill) on here wanting to contact me we were such good friends I would love to hear from you,

    By Joan Glazebrook (Webb) (08/03/2023)
  • Whilst scanning Our Oxhey website I came across this photo of me at Clarendon School in the 60’s. I would love to make contact with Joan Webb. I lived in Muirfield Road until I moved to Kent when I got married.

    By Barbara Brown (Hill) (01/07/2019)
  • My brother still lives in South Oxhey and sent me this photo
    Would be great to hear from anyone in the class that remembers me. My surname then was Paget, I am in the front row. My granddaughter picked me out without being told which one was me.

    By Lorraine Coles (02/07/2017)
  • What a shock to find a photo of myself. Its nice to get to remember all my school mates. After moving to Australia in 1966 and I came back in 2003 for a holiday how things had changed. No Clarendon school Little Furze shut and up for sale. Now finding this photo how memories flood back, what great times I had at school.

    By Frank matthews (03/03/2014)