Clarendon School Fete 1961

Were you there?

By Watford Observer

Who is this gentleman receiving a flower from a Clarendon School Pupil
© Watford Observer 1961

This photo dates from 17th June 1961 and shows a man in his sixties or seventies receiving a flower from a Clarendon School pupil.

Do you know this man or any of the children in the photo?  Let us know below.

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  • Well Peter Swain, I have only just found this page – yes, I am Jenny Pexton (now Jenny Beckwith), the one pinning the flower on to Mr. Stewart’s jacket – my goodness me, I was only 12! Like many others from that era, I have just celebrated my 70th Birthday.
    Hello to those who may remember me – it was great to see familiar names and to read the comments even though it is a good few years since they were posted.

    By Jenny Pexton (now Jenny Beckwith) (25/06/2019)
  • I was, a pupil 1960 -1965, Mr Stewart gentleman, and scholar, made me a prefect in the fourth year, because he said so. I think it was a black Mk8 Jaguar. However at one time he came to school driving his sons Triumph Courier van. He must have been impressed because he purchased a powder blue Bond Equipe GT4S. Studied motor vehicle engineering a George Stevensons College Water Lane Watford, then Poplar Tech.

    By COLIN WARNER (13/09/2016)
  • Any students 1957 to 1961 ? played school football goalkeeper.

    Mr Schofield was my 3rd or 4th year teacher. first girlfriend was Margarie Williams. hopeless student, but great school. Miss Cowstick ? another teacher. Look forward to maybe hearing from ex school friends. Tom Kennedy. Queensland Australia.

    By tom kennedy (13/08/2016)
  • Hello Julie, it would certainly be good to see a picture of that excellent class on this forum. I still see Christine Taylor, who lives near me in Devon and has done for several years although I have not seen her recently. She still looks exactly the same as when she was at school. Also, I contact Linda Barnes every year at Christmas. She lives with her family in St Neots, Huntingdon and has done so for a long time. Her husband is a professor and very high up in the education development world having worked in many countries over the years. I hope you and your sister, Christine, are well. I recently found a program for the 1961 Christmas production of Aladdin in which you and several other girls in your class played parts. I have forwarded it to David Reidy who is writing a history of  the school which is to be published later this year.

    By Peter Swain (08/04/2016)
  • Hi, does anyone have a class photo of 4th year 1964 Clarendon school? It would be interesting to hear how how life has been for any of you.


    By julie bird nee deighton (26/04/2015)
  • As I recall Mr Stewart taught history and wrote a text book on the subject. He was generally a good head but could fly into vivid rages and turn purple. He was well supported by a very good senior staff team – in particular Mrs Le Gal (headmistress) and Mr Shaw (Deputy Head). I spent many hours with him when a prefect and head boy and he would often require re-assurance – I think he might have had a tough war. Overall, he oversaw the very greatest years of this fine school which gave many of us a start in life.

    By Peter Swain (04/11/2013)
  • Good to hear from you, Margaret. I first met your father on St.Patrick’s Day, 1961, when he kindly interviewed me for the possibility of joining his staff at Clarendon School in the following year, as an uncertificated teacher, prior to my entry to Bristol University, once I had reached my 18th birthday! I successfully completed two full terms at Clarendon in ’62 and I returned on subsequent occasions when on vacation from Bristol (1963-66). My last session was in June and July 1966, but your father had retired by then and it was not the same place without him. My brother, Peter Swain, was in touch with Mr. Stewart throughout much of his retirement. I seem to recall your dad came from Northumberland and eventually moved to Cornwall. I can just about remember the Jaguar Mark 6. I used to own an X-type in BRG until I replaced it for a newer model last year, but they are not as stylish as the vintage cars of the 1960s! Happy days!

    By John Swain (21/09/2013)
  • The gent is indeed my father, he was a Major not a Brigadier but he would have loved the promotion. The beautiful Jaguar was a Mark 6, British racing green. I loved that car too. Thanks for the good memories of my Dad.

    By Margaret Ingham (nee Stewart) (11/08/2013)
  • Arghh, those were the days. I was at Clarendon between 1960-1964. I certainly remember Schofield as Chemistry master as chemistry was my best subject. I seem to remember I was in his class in year 3 (3S). John Motch

    By John Motch (22/04/2012)
  • Who could possibly forget Clarendon´s Brigadier Stewart and his splendid staff! Not to mention all of our fellow pupils of 1962 and 1963. Major Schofield, chemistry, was my own personal great mentor but then the influence of Brian Ricketts took over in my more recent years. I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Andy Templeton, I was never a sportsman at Little Furze or Clarendon but greatly admired the efforts of him, Johnnie, Bert Laver and Plug Reed and all that they did for the name of Clarendon…

    By Colin Peck (08/05/2011)
  • I admit that I am the girl on the left of Mr Steward and I reconise Barbara Whitby as the one on the right. I cannot recall the occasion though.

    By Julie Bird nee Deighton (04/04/2011)
  • The girl next to Mr Stewart is definitely Julie Deighton, my younger sister. I also went to Clarendon; one year higher than Julie and I remember a Peter Swain – year or two above me as were Alan McDonald, Johnny Johnson and Bert Laver. We went on a school trip to Barcelona in July 1962 and my schoolfriend then was Joyce Daly.

    By Christine Lewis (03/04/2011)
  • The girls might be (L/R) Julie Deighton, Jenny Pexton and Barbara Whitby.

    By Peter Swain (07/02/2011)
  • This is certainly Mr Stewart. The car may have been grey, but I definitely got a lift in it at the bus stop at the bottom of Hayling Road , mid afternoon on a school day-any other man would have asked an awkward question!

    By barry (22/01/2011)
  • I agree it is Mr Stewart – He parked his Mk 9 Jaguar in the school entrance off Chilwell Gardens, I would removed a sqashed fly or two with my hankie as I admired it so much….. Cannot remember the colour?

    By Barry Austin (02/12/2010)
  • Surely the elderly (?) gent in the picture is none other than the former Headmaster, Mr.L.W. Stewart, who was in post for more than ten years until his retirement in 1965

    By John Swain (11/10/2010)