Clarendon School / Sir James Altham Upper School

School Buildings

by Susan Waller (nee Davidson) (Photographs courtesy of Len Kerswill and Frank Waller)

Main Clarendon Building with Morison Block and Anson Block far left
Ascham, Capel and Carpender Blocks and Clarendon Building
Main Entrance - Clarendon Building
Capel, Carpenter and Ascham Blocks from Muirfield Close Jan 1962
Frank Waller

These photographs show  the  main buildings of ‘Clarendon School’ in Chilwell Gardens, South Oxhey after it had become ‘Sir James Altham’ Upper School.

The ‘Winter’ view from Muirfield Close looking at Capel,Carpenter and Ascham blocks) was taken in January 1962.

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  • I have been trying to locate people from my past who I believe attended this school. Called ‘Jones’, they were a large family – I knew Geoff, and there was Stan, Mario, Martin (I think), and three sisters – Theresa, Sonya and Maricella (not sure on spelling). Geoff was a milkman, with Brazier’s Dairies for a while (I used to help him on his milk round), before becoming a bus driver at the same depot where his father worked. I had the occasional date with Theresa but thought she was out of my league! I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction as I would love to connect with Geoff and Theresa. Thank you.

    By Richard Abbott-Brailey (14/01/2019)
  • used to go to this school..68 to 72. not overly impressed

    By Ray Pringle (26/09/2018)
  • Very picturesq, don’t expect we thought so having to walk to school in it. I always tell my grandchildren, we walked to school snow hail rain or shine, don’t know they are born do they?, sounds a bit monty python:ish.I have lived in australia for 42 years.

    By Barbara Birch (04/07/2014)