Clarendon Secondary School

Class of 1961/62(4th Year)

By Eddie Porter

Did you attend the class of 1961/62(4th Year)? These are the people I can remember, can anybody remember other people?

Form teacher Keri Fuge

Linda Coombes, Christine Raynor, Janice Richardson, Jill Middlemas, Georgina Waterson, Janet Ting, Valerie Lane, Osborne Twins, Linda…..(use to work at APT Controls), Pamela Grey, Linda Gray, Susan Gent (nearly forgot her) and I cannot remember the rest sorry.

Alex Grey, Bob Whitby, Neil Palmer, Donald Hunt, Gordon Clamp, Geoff Sweetland, Eric Nutkin, Neil Elliott, Mason Twins, Tom Pickford and Ron Saunders and I am sure there are more, so again if I have forgotten you please forgive me.

Should anyone of the names stated are deceased I apologise unreservedly to their families. I can remember that two of our class mates were killed in motor vehicle accidents when they were fairly young

It would be nice to get back together for a drink or two and see how our great education helped us in life. I have given our oxhey my permission to pass on my email address to anyone interested. Hope to hear from you soon.

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  • I remember the 4th year class of 61 but, have lost touch with all over the years. I especially remember kicking a ball with Terry Hooker on the way home from school – it frequently ended up in people’s gardens! Neil Elliott was also a good friend who, I believe, went on to join the police force. When I left school I worked at Barclays Bank and moved into their computer department. We also had a successful 6-a-side soccer team. Now retired (since 2003) and live in Bournemouth.

    By Barrie Coates (27/08/2019)
  • As requested information has been passed to those ex.pupils and hopefully they will be be able to contact each other soon.

    By Susan Waller (04/04/2019)
  • Hi to the Editor
    I am Keith Collins and as you can see Tommy Kennedy would like to get in touch with me and I would like to also get in touch with him . Could you possibly let me have his e-mail address and also let him have mine as I am not sure how we would be able to contact each other ,as you can see we both live in Australia .
    regards K A Collins

    By keith collins (04/04/2019)
  • For Keith Collins. Hi Keith good to see your still fit and well. I live in Brisbane but fly in / fly out to Papua New Guinea on a 3 month cycle have done for the past 20 years so would not have seen any of your adverts

    By Alan Barnett (03/04/2019)
  • Hi Tommy Kennedy and Alan Barnet
    I have been trying to contact you guys for years with news paper adverts but no answers . I have been living in Sydney since 2008 it would be good to contact you both.
    Eddie Porter yes we were lucky many of the girls were very easy on the eye. I was in 5F yes Keri Fuge told me I was going to lunch it was Linda Coombes domestic course lunch with his wife and I a bit strange but good food and company. I read Geoff Sweetland note also in Sydney we didn’t meet up sad. Eddie does your broth have a update on Peter Gooden my ex neighbour

    By keith collins (30/03/2019)
  • For Keith Collins. Hi keith remember me Tom Kennedy. have lived in australia for 51 years in queensland, apart from 4 years in christchurch new zealand. would love to have a chat about old times. regards TOM

    By TOM KENNEDY (08/03/2019)
  • Hi All
    living in Sydney Australia for about 11 years with my with and children and grandchildren , Keri Fuge had a few run ins with him but he was a great teacher. Just to touch base catch up later.

    regards Keith Collins

    By keith collins (01/03/2019)
  • Hi Terry Hooker here former fan of Linda Combes short skirts.Do any of you remember the trip to Nice with Mr Brookes.

    By Terry Hooker (08/07/2018)
  • Well this brings back a lot of memories some good some sad, I stumbled across this website yesterday and was surprised to see how many ex Clarendon students still keep in touch. I was not in Keri Fuge’s class in 61/62 I was in “Basher Bill” Baileys class (4B) along with Keith Collins and if my memory serves me correct Ken Fordham (4 notes). The names mentioned above ring a bell but would not be able to put faces to the names. It was sad to read on this website that Geoff Sweetland passed away this year, Geoff and his father Jim were my “friendly” rivals delivering and selling newspapers up and down Fulford Grove, from memory they were delivering and selling the Evening Standard I was doing the same with the Evening News. I remember the night John Higgins died in that car crash, it was at the crossroads of Oxhey Road and Eastbury Road I believe from memory it became a “black spot” not long after. Eddie Haines (or Haynes ex Longcliffe Path) were out in our cars that night and I am not quite sure but I think we ended up at the Busy Bee where we ran into John and his friends, they left and we left shortly after them. Driving back to Sth Oxhey we came across the wreck, it must have just happened as there were hardly any or no people around at the time.
    Enough of the sad stuff, I hope all ex Clarendon 61/62 4th year classes are all in good health, my regards to all.
    Greetings from the South Pacific – Papua New Guinea

    By Alan Barnett (02/11/2017)
  • Hi Susan and the rest of my contempories in the UK especially former Clarendon School classmates.

    I will be returning to the UK for an extended vacation in May 2016, which gives plenty of time to arrange a get together. If anyone would like to ‘get the ball rolling’ I think we could all have an enjoyable evening, lunch or whatever is thought best.

    All the best for now. Geoff Sweetland


    By Geoff Sweetland (27/07/2015)
  • A shame that there hasn’t been much of a response to this reunion especially since I have been in contact with a few of former classmates 

    By Susan Butler (18/07/2015)
  • I remember ALL the names of the former pupils you mention, especially the good looking girls. I would be delighted to get together for a social get together, only one problem, I now reside in Sydney, Australia. However, we (my wife and I) travel back to the UK on a fairly regular basis and our next trip should be either the end of 2015 or at the end of your winter 2016. If a ‘get together’ could be arranged with as many of our contempories as possible HAPPY DAYS.

    On a more sombre note the unfortunate person you mention was John Higgins who was involved in a fatal car accident at the crossroad junction on the corner of Bushey Park (unable to remember the road names) and the main road from Bushey to the estate. I was walking home with friends from the Top Rank in Watford and John and, I think, a passenger, drove past us in his Triumph Herald up the hill close to Bushey and Oxhey Station. When we reached the crossroad junction, I saw that John’s car had mounted the kerb and collided head on with a cast iron red post box situated on the corner. It was obvious from his injuries that John was deceased and I could do little or nothing to assist the situation. A crowd gathered and as soon as the emergency services arrived I walked the rest of the way home. Although I did not know John very well I did attend his funeral as an unannounced guest as a sign of respect.

    I am am more than happy to receive emails from either my old school friends or past South Oxhey residents, although I am unsure how to include my email address within this website.

    All the very best from Geoff Sweetland ‘down under’

    By Geoff Sweetland (31/03/2015)
  • If there are former classmates willing to come and have a drink I will try and get a room either at the Social Centre or the Labour Club or somewhere on a date to suit. Please just let me know. Our Oxhey has my email address so let me know the best day of the week or weekend and if you wish to bring your other half or someone elses.

    By Eddie Porter (17/01/2015)
  • Try and get lots of people to attend and I might even turn up myself!

    By Susan butler (nee gent) (16/01/2015)