Class 1R 1960 Clarendon School

Teacher - Mr J D Soester

By Gillian Haines-Jenkins nee Haines

Class 1R Clarendon School - 1960

L-R:  Roy Blackwell, Steven Downey, Michael Rankin, Chris Rankin, David Waterson, Peter Rolland (Roly) Keith White, Dean Booth, Ivan Steele.

Mid R:  Joe Putman, George Coldrake, John Crouch, Pat Roullier, Me, Eileen Owen, Anne Frewin, Andrew ?, Nat Bowie, Paul Shoemaker.

Front R:  Carol Simmons, Heather Sanders, Shirley Johnson, Janet Brown, Gillian Tyler, Sandra Walker, Linda Humphreys, Susan Harmond, Christina Coltrini, Linda Stewart. 


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  • Can anyone tell me what happened to Ivan Steele we were good friends but once married lost contact any help would be appreciated contact me on

    By Carl Richardson (03/08/2020)
  • My goodness i have just found this site and seen this picture. How many memories come flooding back and where have all those years gone?

    By Christina Coltrini-Magowan (10/06/2020)
  • Hi Gillian Haines-Jenkins

    I was also in 1M in 1960, do you remember me. I’m trying to trace a friend, Robert Worrell. He is in the 4B photo you posted. I see via the U3A you now live in Dorset, a loverly county, nearly as nice as Devon (LOL)

    By John MOTCH (24/09/2018)
  • Linda, I was also in class 1M in 1964. Sadly I don’t have any photo’s or class reports. However, I still have my prize for chemistry I won in 1964, a book about London. I’m trying to trace a friend, Robert Worrell. He is in the 4B photo you posted a few years ago. Any help apricated.

    By John MOTCH (24/09/2018)
  • Hi Gillian – How are you doing now – where are you in the country.

    I now live in Wales with my husband.  Is Christine still in contact with June – I know she stayed with her in our cabin in Corris a few years ago now.

    By linda humphrys (31/08/2016)
  • I remember you too Linda and yes my sister Christine and I did live opposite Clarendon School.  I still have all my school reports for each year there.

    By Gillian Haines-Jenkins nee Haines (30/08/2016)
  • I do remember all the people in the picture especially Gillian Haines – As I recall she lived more or less opposite the school gates and had an elder sister who is still in contact with a friend of mine June Giddings – sorry can’t remember her previous name

    By linda humphrys (14/07/2016)
  • Hi -Remember everyone in Mr. Soester’s class of 1960 – Does anyone remember me – I moved out of his class and went in 1M

    Mr. Methven, then I think Miss Spurden, Mr. Templeton and finally Mr. Elliott in 4E.  Does anyone know where Janis Leharne or Jean Warner are.  I left in 1964

    By linda humphrys (14/07/2016)