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Memories of Clarendon School

By Diane Daly

Hi, I was born 9th july 1947, as with most people, parents moved to 123 Muirfield Road, when I was 3 years old.  I started school life at Little Furze, then oxhey woods till I went to Clarendon. Although I married Alan Daly of the same school we are divorced now. My maiden name is Allen. Having left the area at 18, and even though have thought about various friends often through the years, I only now have time to search.  

I have many photos of Clarendon pupils, a holiday to France, with Mr Brooks the french teacher, also you mention Peter Swain, he was on that trip.   I am sure for many they would bring back happy memories.  If you would like I can send.  If anyone remembers me I would welcome the gossip.  I watched with great pride the Choir programme, well done to all. Hope to hear back soon Diane xx

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  • Hello Diane, you must have lived just up the road from me as I lived at No 90….end house – Clarendon School fence was back and side of my house. I lived there from 1949 until 1966. My maiden name was Farrier. I remember there used to be bats flying at nightfall from somewhere near the trees in Clarendon School at the back of our house and quite a few sparrow hawks.

    By Pamela Soden (02/06/2014)
  • Hello Diane, Good to see your contribution which jogged a few very fond memories of people and places. A few of us who have been meeting since schooldays went back to St Malo and Paris 50 years on from that ’61 trip with Peter Brooks and Miss Hardy. From that visit there was Ken Laver, Pat Tavener and myself along with other old friends from that era who have heard much of the visit and we enjoyed showing them where we stayed (now a rather more modern looking Institute de St Malo) and those fabulous beaches all along that coast. We walked along the great fortified walls which surround the town just as we had done 50 years before. We had a few photos of that first trip but would love to see yours with names if you can recall who else was with us. I also remember AD and his sister Joyce – one older the other younger than me. Peter

    By Peter Swain (29/05/2013)