Old Clarendon pupil

Emigrated to Australia

By Gordon Rumball

I attended Clarendon High School from 1958 – 1963. My House was Capel. And was in the School band under the teachings and bandmaster of Mr. Elliot.  My family (renowned for being a large family 8) lived in Hayling Road up the Sandy Lodge Road end.

I left England in 1968 and live in Australia. Unfortunately many records and photos were left behind in England but I would like to know if there are any fellow pupils that may have photos of our classes throughout those years. Also are records available of class work, results etc.!

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  •  Gordon, I remember you and your family, you lived along Hayling Road from me and my brother. I think you had 5 or 6 brothers and sisters several of whom went to Clarendon. You had a younger brother, Roy and a number of sisters.   I hope you are well and thriving. With all good wishes, Peter 

    By Peter Swain (07/04/2016)